Monday, March 7, 2011

Yes, I would date Steven Tyler

oops, sorry. That was meant as a response for when they ask me " can I ask you a question?". Being normal is just not an option for me.

This week has been full of concerns and worries, thankfully today Sunday {or rather yesterday since is 2:30am} it rained buckets. A perfect excuse to get my wellies on and go get a newspaper with hubs- a girl needs her coupons ya' know. I just love going out in the rain, walking with the hubs. We left the kiddos at home because the little guy has the croups but is doing soooo much better already, so we didn't want to get him sick again.

Anyways, hubs got hi EKG done this week and again it was abnormal. Not only that but the Dr. said that if he didn't know his medical history he would think he had something major (myocarditis) and a lot of pain {which the hubs has not} so a Nuclear EKG is needed along with another batch of test. SIGH. The Cardiologist said that even though the hubs is young, we have to be sure of whats going on, that he has patients younger than him that had a bypass already.

I think the worst part is that the Hubs doesn't see the problem here. He actually got mad at me because he feels like I'm going over board. Let's review, shall we?: Thyroid condition, weight condition, possible surgery, Abnormal EKG, test, test, and more test. NOPE I don't think I am going overboard.

dammed Ricky Martin is hot!
Sorry, ADD kicked as I saw him on a tv commercial. *cough, cough* let's get back.
Between that and me feeling like I'm failing with my new healthy habits, is has been not such a great week. I have lots 5lbs and I feel I should be doing better, I know I'm still eating tons of bread, rice and stuff that I shouldn't. of course the Hubs thinks is ok and that I'm doing good, which I know I am not. I have to get back on being motivate and seeing the goal ahead.

And then my Sis made these:

Nutella cupcakes! PLEASE KILL ME NOW.

She is bring in some here to my oldest and even though I want to try them, I feel like I shouldn't because is going to throw my entire week off. My goal this week is to get the 4-5 days of exercise, drink even more water, cut the bread intake in half. I KNOW I CAN!!! if only I could get some sleep I'll be golden.

Oh, and while browsing around I found this idea thru Small place Style blog, we have a shelf in Ali's bedroom so we wanted to add more since he is going to college but didn't know how to add, and VOILA- look at this. This is perfect for his room and I can't wait to try it. A trip to IKEA is in our future :)

what have you been up to?

Over & out

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