Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Georgia bring me a soda


I've been on a lazy mood for 2 weeks now. All I want is an ice Coca Cola and some fried plantains. {these are green ones, and oh so easy to make}. I have not exercise since 16 days ago *sigh*

Apparently my mojo has gone bye bye. I need to get back on the mood, granted there are all sorts of things going right now: preparing for college for Alain, having friends visit, and let's not forget my Sister having baby Owen. I wuw him.

I am happy because it is allowing me to spend more family time, even Alain who is your typical 18 yr old and has that-I'm too cool to hang attitude, has been spending tons of time with us, going out, joining me to see the baby. And it's oh so nice. Even though I did indulge on the cupcakes, I am very cautious of my portions, most of the cupcakes where cut in 4 pieces so we could all taste them. That's got to count for something.

Not much to tell besides that, and that I'm reading the 4th book on the "twilight" saga, and darn it, I'm liking it! UGH, so irritated that my Sister was right.

Off to bed, is 12:08am, time to read for a bit and then to dreamland. Tomorrow I'm doing some spring cleaning and hanging with the Sister again...and maybe, just maybe a Cheesecake Ice cream cake may be involve (is her hubby's Bday).

Almost forgot, I order 2 more polishes from Zoya (meh) because of their BOGO but they seriously SUCK when it comes to CS. It has been 2 weeks and still I have not received them. I give up.

Above is faye, below Tamsem. Get here already!

Over & out

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