Friday, April 8, 2011

Because already there is so much...

I have a list of things I want to blog about, is just that there is already so much going on in the world. I've always felt that being Debby downer and always complaining is a sure way to have people walk away from you. Venting one day, ok. Having a sad, negative post all the time...uh, no.

I have received my darn polishes from Zoya and I like them, I just hate that freaking company. I look forward to a much needed relaxed afternoon of manicures.

Above: Tamsen source
The Hubs is having one of his final test on Monday- a sleep study, so hopefully we can start working on getting him better. I've also mentioned that I went on Interviews *sigh* let's see what happens.

In all Honesty I am NOT looking forward to going back to work. I know most people will think I should, from the financial aspects and benefits. Is just that I feel like this is where I should be, helping one kid go to college and raising my little guy. Now that spring is here and I'm looking forward to enjoying my time with them outside. Not all is money...sadly the cable, electricity and car loan don't seem to have the same mindset :)

Right now I can't help to have my mind wrapped up in the Government...the USA Government- that may be shutting down for a bit. That's scary, even for me coming from a 3rd World Country. And sad.

Ok enough of that, I will come back with a better blog...soon. And I got to tell y'all that after 13 yrs of NOT watching Soap Operas one has me HOOKED! (is a Spanish one though)

Over & out

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