Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Friend Making Mondays...ON A TUESDAY

So I'm going to be late to one of my favorite blog post. The last couple of days have been filled with getting stuff done in the house, filing paperwork for school, job hunting and more medical appoinments. I often wonder why when you go for a job interview they ask you so many ridiculous questions. As if you are going to say: "yeah, Hannibal Lecter is my role model" UGH...and "where do you see yourself in 5 yrs?" Seriously!? I have no clue!!!! How the hell should I know.

But back to this week's post:

FMM: Describe Your Dream Mate

I like many other girls, been dreaming since I was 14 of what my dream guy would look like. The Truth be told, Disney kind of messed with our heads as we where growing up :). well, Disney and all the other frogs I had to kiss along the way.

My dream guy is a man's man. A guy that like sports-baseball, football, etc-but is ok if I don't like them. Who is interested enough to learn a little (or in his case a lot) about politics and world issues but respects others different views.

A guy knows how to be a guy, a little rough, not a pretty boy at all. A guy that knows that a little shadow on his bear can look really sexy. A guy who uses soap and not my body wash, but will indulge me when I want to give him a spa day and suggest giving him a facial. A guy that when I'm walking hand in hand will represent me, that has a presence without being cocky. A guy who is confident in his own skin and does not pretend to be some one else for show. A guy who is kind to others, who will get out of his way to help people. A guy who would give his seat to someone else, and not just the pretty girls. A guy that will open the door for me, and not just on the first couple of dates.

A guy that would listen to me while I complain yet again about my mother being crazy, or that crazy coworker. A guy who understand I need my girl time and will be happy to take care of the house/kids so I can have that time. A confident guy who not only is ok but encourages me to have my own ideas and believes, agreeing in some and respecting me when we don't.

A guy that is man enough to rent "Bride Wars" on his own because HE wanted to see it, or cry watching "Marley & Me" A guy who is also a huge fan of WWE but understand that I will not sit and watch it with him very Monday. A guy that would spent a day watching reruns of MONK and ordering food, and think that was the best day ever.

The one who would show up with my favorite chocolate or Ice cream, just because. A gyy that will always show me I'm his number one girl and wont act up just to show off in front of the guys. a guy Who would hold my hair up while I'm sick and clean my face and the mess afterwards.
A guy who knows that I love makeup and nail polish and would wait patiently while I go crazy over a MAC store.

My dream guy would be my best friend, a guy I can tell him my past, my dreams, my hopes. A guy who is honest, who would call when he says he would, who would make it work no matter how far you are. A guy that after years have passed, sees you in a new outfit and tells me "You look Beautiful" and by the light in his eyes I'll know he means it.

A guy who dances and would not mind getting silly on the floor with me. A guy that would do his best to be a great dad to our kids, who would also not try to be my son's father, but rather his best friend.

My dream guy is a big guy who does laundry, doesn't mind helping around the house and following my neurotic instructions because he knows I'm OCD and he loves me like that. He would work hard in our relationship and make me feel loved and wanted.

My dream guy made me the happiest girl alive when he asked me to marry him.

Now is your turn! go over to All the Weigh and tell us about it.

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