Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm alive...I think

YES, I'm back. I wish I could tell you something extraordinary happened in my live that prevent me from posting, or that I went on a fabulous vacation and didn't want to announce it just in case psycho-white-van driver that followed me the other day reads this blog. But no, it was something more mundane: the net was temporarily disconnected and our phone is also VOIP, and it's connected to that. Fun couple of days, huh?

See these things happen sometimes and is all well with me as long as the house, the car, food and the college get paid.
So we are back in business, with a minor glitch. Josephine (our pc) is tired and dying. We knew this was coming and she got a good life (10 yrs) so you see, it will happen soon that Josephine will get replaced. I wish I can say that I'm sad since I usually get extremely attached to inanimate objects (remember the IKEA commercial with the little lamp that got replaced and left at the curve? yeah, I fell awful about it) but it needs to happen.

Hubs turned 37 and he took it very well, I made his favorite meal and dessert (Lasagna and Flan-which we call quesillo). I suggested we go out to dinner but due to the Easter week we don't eat meat so he said he rather go when is over. And on that topic I have to say it AMAZES me how different people in the US celebrate Easter. I'm not going to talk about religion because it drives me bunkers, but just a bit about what we do.

Holy week (which is what we called it) is basically an entire week off from work and school. Most businesses are closed after Wednesday; on Friday we had to visit 7 churches. Good Friday we where supposed to be in mourning, so no horse play, no loud music or TV. Sunday
of course we had to go to church. It seems to me here Earth day is seriously more important. Shocking to me, even though I care for the earth I think we are loosing a tad bit of focus.

Crossing over to mother Earth, I've noticed we use a ridiculous amount of paper towels {and by "we" I mean my 18 yr old...don't get me started with soap and toilet paper...the boy has issues}, so I purchased cloth towels to do some of the clean up around the house (white or course, so I can toss them in the laundry with clorox). Hope that helps out a bit. Also I've been researching the Brita filters and is clear to me we should get one (the ones that go in the faucet drive me loco).

Uhm, what else? oh yeah, Hubs got me a present -even though it was his birthday, 'cause that's the kind of guy he is- and I was so shocked.

I's the book by Sting, with all his lyrics and the meaning behind the songs!!!! I love STING and seeing him in concert was a fantastic. I've been a HUGE fan since I was about 10 and my Sister introduce me to the "tape" Dream of the Blue Turtles.

Also this little guy is turning TWO next month:

The photo above is from when he was almost 3 months...time does fly. Now he tell us "hey guys" when we get home, or say things like "I'm OK", "whatchadoing mommy", helluuu gatuuuu- Hello cat- with an English accent mind you. We are planning on a small family gathering in NYC with a Monkey theme. I'm so excited to go, my SIL is pregnant and we haven't seen her since the holidays.

On the job hunting front, nothing has happen. I decided to keep looking an in the meantime trying to find places where I can take the little guy to interact with more kiddos, so will see how that goes. OK, I think that's enough for now. I will be back...I promise. Unless Josephine goes into cardiac arrest.

Over & Out
P.S- have you seen the show "What would you do?" fascinating!

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