Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's a Beautiful day

I finally got a break. Aiden decided he wanted to sit in his high chair while watching cartoons so, is now or never for me. Lately he wants me to sit with him to watch the cartoons, play dinosaurs, etc. hence my lack for much of a domestic life, or a life at all outside of "To infinity, and beyoooooond"

See? Bunny face here can make me do anything he wants.

Is a beautiful day, finally warm, and a perfect day to share these thoughts that have been wondering my mind.

I've been meaning to talk about this for a while but I don't even know where to start. I try really hard to teach my kids that being mean is not ok at all, but them I have to admit I allow for this behavior around me more than I should. I think Kathy Griffin is hilarious but in reality, she is mean to others and makes fun of them. Am I wrong for laughing with her? because I don't know these people? does it make it ok?

I saw the other day that two girls proceeded to beat up another girl in a McDonalds and NO ONE did anything to stop them. I'm sorry, I digress: ONE ELDERLY WOMAN was the only one who actually try to intervene, every other person just watch or tape the incident. This is disgusting.

When did we become so immune to cruelty that we no longer care? I remember last summer we where driving out of our complex and we saw two kids fighting and a circle had formed around it. I promptly told the hubs to stop the car and I yelled from the top of my lungs, with my most heavy accent: "STOP THEM RIGHT NOW, I'M CALLING THE POLICE"

One girl replied "is just them two fightin
g" , like that was supposed to make it ok. I replied by saying that they cannot, and should not, just stand there and just watch. The fight stopped and they went home. Leave it to me, an immigrant woman, to become the neighbor watch.

I see this happening all the time. People don't want to get involve. Is like when I watch "what would you do?" and see that some people will do nothing in front on injustice; but thankfully a few would stand up for it, no matter what.

How about the growing hate mail, post, messages on the net? is appalling the things I read all the time. From telling a pregnant mother that they hope she and the baby die in labor, to how ugly is someone's face, to religious insults. When would this stop? are we really telling our kids is ok to make fun of others? I think in a way, subconsciously, we are.

I'm not perfect {shhhh, don't tell anyone} and I admit to laugh at those jokes too. But I first realize that something was off when I was reading one of my favorite bloggers dish out on Celebrities during the whole award month. Now, not liking someone's dress is perfectly ok, but some of her comments where so mean, she bashed out of kids, pregnancy, moral issues and it was so shocking I had to say something.

Her next review post said something like this "If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit next to me" and so many people agreed with her. I only responded by saying "I believe that was directed to me" which she said she was just giving a warning. I guess now is ok and acceptable to be mean. We don't think for a second "this is someone's daughter, mother, Sister, wife, brother, father, etc". I didn't say much after that but I wanted to say how would you feel about someone making those remarks about your daughter, a daughter that has overcome so many disabilities. But then I realized THAT would be mean too, and I don't think it would change anything.

I don't try to say that I'm better, just that sometimes we have to really look at the situation and think, is this really going to be funny or cruel? am I just as bad as the others or could I do something different?

My oldest say that I want to believe in the good all the time, trying to help people and I say I do. If I can help someone, I will. I want to believe that people are generally good. I'm not prefect, but I'm trying to be better. To show by example that even though it may not always seem so, doing good and kind is always the better choice.
If you have a moment, please watch this video. http://youtu.be/BhywSsvowW4

How about it? Let's do better today. Off from my soap box-again =)

Over & out

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