Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dear Lauren Graham, FORGIVE ME!

How on Earth did I forget to name Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls- Parenthood) as my favorite actress on my last post?

seriously I should have my Gilmore Girl membership card taken away, be excommunicated. I mean not only I have way too much in common with her Lorelai character but seriously, this is my favorite show of all time (sorry Buffy).

I can only hope she is too busy to read this post and ignore a moment of dumbness I had. I blame the Mom-ster! bwahahahaha.

Today has been a perfect day for me, it is cooler and rainy and gray and I cannot way to go out and get the hubs so I can wear my rain boots (if you pay over $100+ on rain boots you would want to wear them all the time like me...or maybe even fill the tub with water to see if they are truly water proof...not that I've tried it or anything, what?!).

My little guy slept until 9:30am and even then he did not want to get up from the bed, so me being the good mommy I am, I brought him his favorite toast and cheche (milk) to bed until finally at 11am he decided he had enough. All of us in the house are cuddling in bed, even my parents. THANK GAWD the Mom-ster did not want to go shopping again, we went all 4 days of this long weekend and I had enough!

So I took a moment since the kiddo is napping again (yay!) and took some pics of a mini haul of sorts I got. Here is the loot-forgive the back pics I was trying not to wake the little guy.

I got two MAC items: the wipes, which I will never buy again {they work like magic but I didn't realize how pricey these are} and Bare Study paint pot. I find these paint pots are awesome as a base or even alone if you want to have a more natural look.

Then some Urban Decay (who by the way came out with another book of shadows that I love) they are seriously have become my favorite brand.

I got 6 loose pigments: Shattered, X, Graffiti)which is my favorite shadow ever), smog, asphyxia, gunmetal, (they are on sale for $1 peeps) 2 shadows: narcotic and Chronic ($3) and a gloss Pocket Rocket in Jesse ($5) cause that's how I roll. The loose pigments do have some fall out but they are really pigmented and I love them. The sides are the 2 shadows, to the left is the lipgloss with by the way has that rocker guy that changes with or without a shirt *wink*

While @Rite aid I got this wet & wild lipstick for $0.69 so it had to come home with me (color 516C)
and this lovely light moss green nail polish (cause lord knows I need even more) for $1

Please ignore my nails as I was scrubbing our bath today...ahhhh the smell of a clean bathroom! Don't you love when right after you clean it someone says they have to go? No?

Ok peeps, I'm gonna go lay down with the kiddo, enjoy cuddling with him before dinner time, smelling my clean warm white down comforter, because these lazy days happen very seldom and children grow very, very fast!

Over & out


affectionforfitness said...

Hi Nina Patricia! Your son is so adorable--especially when sleeping like an angel--I bet. I loved Gilmore Girls too. I used to watch it with one of my daughters.

:-) Marion

PlumPetals said...

Love all the cosmetic colors!! :)

Ali Grace@Ali Grace Fashions and Trends said...