Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top 2 Tuesdays

I recently found out that the lovely "My chihuahua bites" has a link up party on Tuesdays.
Since I think she is the Beez Kneez I'm gonna link up {nothing to do with my laziness to come up with a new post....naaaaaah, I'm gonna blame it on the fact that I'm recouperating from having family over and our long trip to NYC this weekend }

What two television shows that have gone off the air do you miss?

OMG I use to love TV shows so much and these days I can only commit to watching Law & Order and the Jersey shore, how sad is that?. I do watch the Real Housewives, but usually the re-runs...there is not much these days that makes me want to WATCH that show and not miss it.

I think I watched shows according to the different stages of my life: back home I use to watch Buffy and Dawson's Creek, you know, when one can relate to Katie Holmes.

Then yes I got completely absorbed by watching Sex & the City when I move to the States and was single and trying to figure out my life...

ahhh, I still love to watch my girls, and I don't know one person who didn't love "Friends" :) even now my 19 yr old watches it, the Hubs too...is just a fantastic show.

However, not one show has impacted me more in life, had made me cry and laugh, had touch my soul, made me reconsider some choices, had me up all night watching reruns...nothing like "GILMORE GIRLS"

Not only Lauren Graham is one of my favorite actresses, but the whole cast was amazing and unique {hellu Edward Hermann aka the Vampire Dad from the Lost Boys} there was nothing like that, before or ever since on TV. I mean Kirk alone (a crazy, million job, living with mom character) was enough to have his own show.

Yes, it touched me that we both have kids when we where 16, how we manage to move forward despite society standards, how we have unique relationships with said kids, and our less than perfect relationship with our Mom-sters, and that we both have amazing movie nights that no one else is invited since we can add to the dialog and ruin it for you...no, not only that... this show had also an amazing storyline, witty dialogs, it felt like you could relate to it so much, even if you didn't had the kid like I did.

I love, love, love this show...Thankfully I have the entire collection so I can watch it, and watch it, and watch it until the cows come home, I brake the DVD player, or the boys begged me to please go shower.

I wish it was still on but it doesn't matter, because it was a perfect show...even in the way it ended.

So did you see this show? which show you miss the most? tell me

Over & out


Cole said...

I could watch Gilmore Girls over and over again!

I wish that both Gilmore Girls and Friends would do reunion shows. I really want to know what came next for all the characters. :-)

affectionforfitness said...

Oh! I loved Gilmore Girls so much too. They were so quirky and I really related to that.

I also used to watch The Practice, Millenium, that imposter one with the character named Jared--forgot the name. Fantasy Island in the 70's was such a great show! The Avengers! ER was good until the last year or so--kinda went down hill. Ugly Betty--I watched every single episode on Netflix because I *loved* that show. :D

:-) Marion

Holly said...

I think I'm going to need to check out the Gilmore girls seeing as how a majority of those that linked up loved it!

Miss S. said...

Hands down Gilmore Girls. I totally mourned it when the final show aired. I mean...did Luke & Laureli finally end up together & happy after their kiss? Did Rory's dreams come true & then did she and Logan get back together? Sniff, Sniff, I am sad all over again!

AndreaLeigh said...

i never did catch on to the gilmore girls... i'm not sure why.

i loved buffy. i just loved spike... he's one of my favorite television characters of all time.

thank you for participating!