Thursday, September 1, 2011

you got it wrong...I think...or maybe not..

Hi people...I'm almost done with the Mom-ster's test and Doctors, and yes, there are days that I feel like a nurse. I've seen so many doctors offices, imaging, etc. to last me a life time. Then of course the hubs had a stress fracture on his left foot. Seriously I have seen every kind of Dr. possible lately. But considering how many people lost their life due to Irine, and we didn't even had flooding or loose power, I'm going to say I'm counting my blessings.

As you can see I'm still super busy, barely had time to see some old friends (as in we where 12 when we meet) that came down from NYC last night on their way to seeing DC. Our poor friend has Crohn's disease and to be honest he doesn't look too well.

Life is so short and we never know what hand we are going to get handed. I think from my last post people though I was ready to get a divorce. It is not the case. I love my Hubs and we both know this is something we will work out, we are fighters. Is not like he cheated on me, or beats me or has a drinking/gambling/drug problem. (I'm not judging).

I know everyone gets frustrated with their significant other, have never met anyone that doesn't and if you tell me you don't I won't believe you either. This is something that got me really aggravated and upset but certainly not something I will get a divorce.

I do agree that this is something he has to work out and only he can make those changes, that is
true. I just want to be the best support system I can be for him.

Hubs and I in NYC

Hope everyone is having a good we
ek, staying safe and healthy. We are going out shopping (AGAIN, and yes, I'm tired of it already) and to eat. This weekend will be great since we are planing on visiting Amish country!

See you guys soon

Over & out

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