Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2 on Tuesdays

I'm joining again for the fabulous My Chihuahua Bites for the 2 on Tuesdays!

What are your Christmas traditions?

Today we are talking about Christmas traditions. What were your family traditions as you grew up? What traditions are you implementing (or do you plan to implement) with your own family?

Back in the homeland there are several traditions that are not celebrated here, it's so hard for me to keep those as we and my Sister's Family are the only one's in MD. Thankfully we do have the Hubs family in NYC which is usually where we go to spent the Holidays.

Back home I remember Christmas being an ongoing party, our Neighborhood collected funds, we decorated the street, place a huge tree in the intersection (yes we did) and closed the street on Friday and Saturday nights so everyone could dance and hang out outside (mind you, that was the Caribean therefore it was not cold).

On Christmas eve is when we had the big dinner followed by all families on my Mom's side (14 sibblings and their kids) would go visit my Grandma. So much fun. We also had fireworks at Christmas time!

Here are some things have done/plan to do as our family traditions:

I also want to do the Elf on the shelf so I must go hurry and buy it from Target.

Christmas tree is set even before Thanksgiving as we don't celebrate this back home...

We are taking pictures with Santa...all of us as a family.

Baking cookies has started.

I downloaded tons of Christmas music from back home, I want my family to remember those as well as the ones here in the States.

Go see the Christmas lights.Make a birthday cake for Jesus.

Years ago I worked part time at Hallmark and got a Beautiful "T'was the Night Before Christmas" which I'm going to start reading to the little guy come December 1st.

The Hubs family buys the kiddos gifts and put under the tree, no names of who is from ever, so it's extra special for all.

Since we go to NYC visiting the Rockefeller tree, Central Park and seeing the Window Displays is mandatory. (hubs and big kid, walking in NYC after hitting a Lush store)

Oh, and did I mentioned our feast consist of Roasted Pork, Potato Salads, tons of empanadas and things of the sort? yeah, I cannot wait!

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Jodi said...

Now I am hungry! lol
I love your traditions! I have always wanted to go to Rockefellar t see the tree lit up... maybe one day... maybe one day I will go anywhere that isnt farm related! lol