Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving? Nope.

My original tittle included an expletive so I decided to leave it out...for now.
It was just an over all bad day for me.

Our plans of going to New York fell thru, which left me cooking again...sigh...fine then.
But the entire day I was cleaning, cooking, making cookies with the little guy, washing and blow drying my hair, getting the meals ready, etc. Not one time did my Hubs or my big kiddo offer to help me. Nope. they just sad on their asses and watched TV all day.

When dinner was ready I got my makeup on, got dressed, I was trying to get the little guy dressed and my oldest asked why are you getting him dressed? to which I responded it's Thanksgiving!!!

Well neither him or the hubs got dressed to take one darn picture. They sat at the table wearing shorts and T'shirts. Got drinks serve and didn't even asked me if I wanted anything. At this point I wanted to cry already but I keep it together. They got off from the table, didn't even say thank you to me. Like, really? this is also MY holiday and I did EVERYTHING alone today and not even a Thank you?

To top it all I had discussed with my son on Sunday that he ate 22 granola bars in 2 days (we get the wholesale size for him) I asked him to please refrain from doing this, that they where for him to enjoy but to please be mindful of what he was eating. Imagine my surprise to find the empty box in the garbage was a slap on my face. He ate 48 bars in 6 days. When I asked him to come to the kitchen I asked him did you just eat the whole box after our conversation? He gave me this nasty "yes" like so what?
UGH, I wanted to smack him but instead I told him off and told him I was so hurt by his attitude. I ended up bathing Aiden and getting him in bed, then ended up alone in our living room watching "The Family Stone" and crying...

I want to be thankful of what I have and that we where together, but I was just so sad. Thankfully I got some smiles from the only guy who told me he loved me...

I hope you guys have a better day and that my next Holiday would be much better...

Over & out

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affectionforfitness said...

Hi! I used to get very stressed out from holidays. I have learned to expect *very little thank yous* on holidays. And I try *much less* than I used to.

Next holiday, do what makes *you* happy, so that if nobody thanks you or helps you, you are still happy.

You tried too hard--that is my analysis, coming from a person who also used to try to hard on holidays.

:-) Marion