Thursday, November 3, 2011

Adios Halloween

ACK, is gone already. I didn't get to spent my night watching "Scream 4" because my little guy fell asleep in the car from all the fun...then proceeded to wake up at 10pm and he decided to have a party and only his dearest parents where invited. It was like he took a power nap and was full of energy!

Here we are, doesn't he seems so happy to take a picture?

My little Franky, he even got down the walk with the arms up. He gave me a chocolate and told me proudly " I wuv you mommy, yer cute" (meaning he thinks I'm the diggidybomb).

So here are the Status so far this week:

1.) Mood:
Happy! One: I've been doing my exercises and feeling so much better already, and two: I love holidays and cannot wait to decorate for the Holidays (we do Thanksgiving in NYC so no Turkey decor for us)

2.) When was the last time you carved a pumpkin?
Last year, with my oldest. I think it was an owl, or a cat...or owlcat...who knows.

3.) What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Gosh, all of them...except things with mint in it. And BTW, we use Candy Corn as a Christmas candy back in the homeland. I know, weird, huh?

4.) What is your favorite Halloween memory?
Going to the NJ Devil Haunted Hayride, spending time in Los Poconos, PA at a party with the family then hitting a haunted house, where one of the Hubs cousin almost broke my hand from being so scared.

5.) Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?
uhm, yes. And I respect them too.

6.) Were you allowed to dress up at school for Halloween as a kid?
No, we dressed up for Carnival back home, ours is in is proof of the cruelty of my mother. My Sister all so pretty and a clown....thanks ma'.

7.) Did you trick-or-treat as a kid? At what age did you stop?
Nope, we mostly don't celebrate Halloween back home so I started here as an adult by having parties or me giving the candy.

8.) What is your favorite Halloween movie?
All Halloween (as in Michael Myers Halloween movies), Hocus Pocus, and technically a Christmas one "The Nightmare before Christmas"

9.) Did you dress up for Halloween this year? If so, as what?
Nope, I wanted too though but the mall didn't want adults dressed up -because of the weather we didn't go house to house, plus we missed the Family party due to getting hit with a snow storm.

10.) Weekly goals:
Keep up my exercises, take the Halloween down and fix what ever the kiddo destroyed,
make a traditional dish over the weekend.

Hope you all have a great day and week! See you in November!

Over & out


Carbie Girl said...

aww... you guys look great! your little man is adorable :0) Glad you guys had a good Halloween and NMBC is definitely an awesome movie whether you watch it for halloween or christmas lol <3

AndreaLeigh said...

cutest costume pictures ever!