Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A rainy Wednesday

Today is a beautiful rainy day, it's gray and a little cold...perfect day to snuggle with the kiddo while watching cartoons.

For a while he went thru the terrible twos (not as terrible as some) but mostly saying no to us, or "It's mine", " I don't wanna", and whining when he didn't get his way. He quickly realize this does not work on this household, thus this stage has ended. He has been ver
y loveable, telling us he loves us, giving lots of hugs and kisses, saying sorry's, thank yous, your welcomes when necessary.

I usually take the hubs to the train while he still sleeping and I return and go right back in bed and cuddle with him. He usually wakes me up by throwing himself (or a Dino) at me, followed by kisses too...the first thing he wants is the Christmas tree and our little Village lighted up.

Yes, Christmas Decor is already mostly done since a few days ago. We do Thanksgiving in NYC so why wait. Specially on days like these I can't help but feel blessed and happy seeing the tree light up. Is not fancy, I still need a few things for it, but guess what? he does not care. He sees it with the joy of a kids innocence and that's what matter.

Oh, and Christmas shopping is already 90% Layaway baby! This is the first year we have done it and honestly I felt a little embarrassed, until I saw how easy it was to get it out of the way already, have small payments and NO BILLS coming our way (which wouldn't happen anyways since we don't have CC).

This is waking up, still in PJ's, already rearranging his toys.

Last night my oldest wanted a candy bar, I was not about to leave the house for this but being the awesome Mom I am *wink* I made him a homemade Spanish dessert... Cortado de Leche!

(First picture is mine, the second is from the web since they didn't gave me a chance to take one)

He jumped out of bed so excited when I told him I made him this...I know these are the things he is going to remember.
How's your holiday going so far? What are some of your traditions? I love browsing thru the blogosphere this time of year!

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Mary said...

Great job on being ahead of the holidays! Wish I could say the same! That dish you made looks yummy!

I'm your newest follower, coming over from Piccola.


Carbie Girl said...

Oh I absolutely remember my mom making us arroz con leche.. sprinkled with cinnamon its perfect for cold nights!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Hi Mary, thanks for stopping by! Carbie, really? that's awesome!!!

Shrinking Kenz said...

I think the holidays are completely awesome, and while I'm not as close to finished as you are, I've definitely started preparing. I've purchased a few gifts, but still have more to buy...

And I'm all about Christmas music and Christmas crafts right now. I just LOVE it! :)

Your tree looks perfect to me...