Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear Douchebag

I am so totally copying My Chihuahua bites on this one. Hers is HILARIOUS, and since sadly we all encounter our deal of daily stupidity mind as well get a good laugh about it.

Dear Douchebag...

Dear Medical Assistant,

would it have killed you to tell me when I called the office, letting you know GPS could not find the address, and that it was the first time I was going over there, to tell me the office was located ALL THE WAY-NOT-EVEN-CLOSE-TO-THE-STREET back of a plaza??? How about the NAME OF THE PLAZA? or better yet, an apology when I gave you my info. for my 11am appointment, and you let me get there after being lost for half and hour, that your office made an error and moved my appointment to 2pm? How about it?


a very pissed patient that had to re-schedule yet again.

Dear Rite-Aid,

It happens every single time at the same location. Please tell Dear-my-nails-are-soo-long-so-I-just-stare-at-them cashier that "uh-hum" is not a proper answer when someone says thank you. Neither is saying "are you ready?" when I'm in line to pay.


a well manner customer

Dear seemingly good intention friend,

I love you, I really do; But telling me that being at home with my kids, making a home is a waste, and that I should work outside so I can see "more people" hurts me. I would love to have another income to help the family, but my work as a SAHM IS VERY VALUABLE- and underpaid.

Your friend.

Dear immature women on FB fighting over a free nail polish,

Really? are you kidding me here? just because you are hiding behind a computer screen does not give you the right to be nasty, ill matter and just plain old bitchy. Geez.
Play nice girls.

Over & out