Thursday, January 19, 2012

Polishes, polishes, polishes!!!

I finally got feeling better, although I have a lingering cough that attacks me every.single.night. I'm trying my honey and lemon recipe to see if it goes away (yeah, I don't take my onion concoction, I'm not that brave).

As promised here is my humble nail polish collection, I believe as of today I have 58 (there is 2 free ones coming from Zoya and 2 more from Julep, YAY). So here is the recap...
I got this plastic shoe thingies @ Target, but they are the perfect size to store them under the bathroom sink

See? I have them all group together by brand, the empty spaces are due to a purge I did when my Mom was here, I sent them to my nieces...including one of my favs "For Audrey" by China Glaze, a Tiffany blue that I will replace with my next coupon.

As you can see Crest 3D white rocks {totally forgot to move it away}. I use Beauty Secret Ridge filler, Sally Hansen Miracle Thickener, and the best fast top coat ever: Seche Vite.

My Juleps so far: L2R- top coat, Jennifer, no idea since it was xmas special, Stefani, Vanessa, Demi- greates red ever.
Julep has promotions in which you can get their maven boxes (monthly Sub) for $5 including shipping, but If you are interested in signing up to become a Julep Maven, you can do so at The Nail Network. If you use the code NEWYEAR2012, you will get your first box for $0.01! That's right, one penny! If you are interested in purchasing any of these colors separately, they are currently available on Julep's website. (this Polishes retail for $14 ea)

Now to Essies,I'm not Crazy about their formula though...L2R: Dive Bar, Topless and Barefoot, Marshmallow, Tart Deco, Bubbling for baubles, I also included two L'Oreal- a everything base (meh) and Greycian Goddess.

Zoya! Ok, at first I was all pissy about their customer service, but now I love them. Sign up with them and they send you tons of coupons, they also run several annual promos. Last year I got 3 polishes for free, in January they run their FB promo: 2 more for free. So just sign up to score free products. Above L2R: Moxie, Jem, Karina, Laney, Faye, Tamsen, Noel (from Birchbox sub)

L2R:Codie (LOVE!), Pinta-the perfect purple cream, Caitlin-is actually light Lavender, Envy and Cynthia.

Now OPI, most of these where purchased when I was working. First set Swiss Collection and the second is Ulta Couture. These are minis.

Regular size L2R: Ski till we drop, Lincoln Park @ Midnight, Cuckoo for this color, Have you seen my limo, Saphire in the snow, Manicurist of Seville-I love this tomato red color, My Private Jet and Rumples Wigging.

My China Glaze got so small after that cleaned up: Wagon Trail (a fav for sure), Little Drummer boy, Cotton Candy, Naughty and Nice. I got these from for about $3.

Sinful: Unicorn, Seaweed. Orly Kiss the Bride, and a regular black detail polish (free from Sally's Beauty membership).

Sally Hansen: Gunmetal, Mint Sorbet, Concrete,Grey Area-love how chic this looks, Haute Chocolate-which has been revamp in a new bottle, the rest I got in the sale bin and not sure about the names.

A word of advise: I tend to use coupons for some of the items, I sign up for most Nail polishes companies so I'm aware of their sales, I've also gotten a few in giveaways.

Doing my nails was my favorite to do in the world, it was my 2 hours for myself that I got pampered. Due to cutting cost in my co. (aka home) I have decided to do them at home- a challenge with a 2yr old. I do use some other tools to shape and file my nails, and I swear by Burts bee Cuticle balm which I use every night. I also put Kiehls Intense hand cream every night.

I hope you enjoy this little collection.

Over & out

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