Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Updates...then makeup and nails

So far is Wednesday night and the Hubs and the little guy are finally feeling better. The Hubs opted to drink my concoction of honey and cebollin (a type of onion) but there was no way to getting the little guy to do it.

Now our oldest is sick and I have gone on two trips getting medication, Halls, Teraflu and things of the sorts.

I've feeling a little achy and my throat has been bothering me, but being the mommy I had not a chance to actually "feel" sick. Did I mentioned that our battery died and we could not find ONE place with the battery in stock? We ended up buying jumper cables until the weekend when we could go to other cities...crazy.

Anyways, I was laughing seeing all the reactions to my little makeup pictures. I was cleaning my drawers one day months ago and decided to take a picture. It is really not that bad. If you don't believe me go to youtube, search for makeup collection (or this one: the biggest makeup collection) and you will see I don't have that much.

This was not bought on one day, it has taken me a while, some has been gifted by friends

the Hubs- this was from Christmas a year ago..

(Tarte Jewlery Box Palette)

and even a male coworker that lost a bet about the sex of my baby when I was pregnant, ended up getting me my set of Brushes from Arbone. (Mine is light sage green)

I made sure I follow sales and coupons and even ebay...

Then of course two of the Hubs cousins work a counters (Kiehls and Sephora) and I get TONS of samples :) don't hate.

However, I have not been buying anything lately. I think I have enough for now, plus I am trying to get in my head the difference between a NEEDS and a WANTS. See, I'm getting it.
So I've decided to do another post in regards to my Nail Polish collection...yes, I have a collection...and I'll tell you some tricks on how to score free nail polishes :) Ok? cool.

Until then, I still have to play Dinosaurs with my little guy, bathe him, get him to bed and THEN go pick up the Hubs at the train.

Over & out

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Anonymous said...

Honey and onion?? Ugh...can't imagine how that tastes! Did it help him? Did he gag? I need more info on this!

Your makeup collection is insane and I am jealous! Is that a MAC makeup palette, the big one with all the colors?

Glad everyone is feeling better but remember to take care of yourself in the process!! Vitamin C, or honey and onion whatever you prefer!