Sunday, January 22, 2012

Polishes update

Hey Gals (I think),

I got the last of the polishes I was waiting for (see previous post for full collection)

Zoya Kieko- dark Fuchsia, Kristen-light powder blue (I know, it looks grey). The camera died after taking these so hopefully the next one will take better accurate shots.

Above picture of Kristen is from Imperfectly painted, Kieko-below is from polish Addict (just so you can see more accurate colors)

Then I got the Julep box (which is being bombarded with bad reviews for some bloggers, some sort of credit issue)

This box had two colors: Anne-creme purple and Maria- Shimmering platinum rose. I also got the Pomegranate scrub (I already had the body butter and it's delish) and a Nail Therapy that retails for $16!!! . For some reason they also sent me a free coupon for another polish-the white card that reads upgrade...I have to pay $3 for shipping and tax so that is not bad. I will probably pick some strange color 'm loving right now:

(photo from rainbows & Sparkles) I don;t have anything like this weird greenish, pea soup color, but I like it...what do you think? Should it be the next one??? uhm....

OK, that's all for now.

Over & out

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