Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2 on Tuesday- food

I'm typing this ahead and laughing so hard. My little guy has learned the words of "Party Rock" so he is watching Kung fu Panda and singing everybody blah blah tonight, we wanna blah blah SHAKE THAT! and then he shakes. LOL He gets me every time. He makes Monday night fun.

This week the topic on My Chihuahua bites is:

What are your two go-to meals? What do you cook most often in your household?

My go to meal would be: hellou? China Wok? yes I would like an order for delivery...LOL
In all honesty, when I don't feel good I crave Chinese-not sure why. And even though I have master most of my kitchen, there are days that I just have no clue what to make, or have the energy to make it.

OK, going back to the "Real" deal:

First I do tons of Spanish food (white Rice, beans, fry plantains and a meat) which is our typical meal back home. The fry plantains I didn't make for a while because the plantains where hard to come by (good ones) but now they are every where. We can eat them alone with just ketchup and be happy with it. Seriously. These are like the french fries of Spanish people :)

The second I would say is Mexican food...not one specific one. We'll do taco night one week, then enchiladas another. I love learning new recipes and trying them out. Also it seems like the little one really likes these are they are easy to hold (soft tacos) and he loves refried beans.

Below is my chicken enchiladas, yummy.

And I'm going to cheat here and add a third one: my chicken roll just because every darn person that comes over, or that I go visit asks me to make this for them. Chicken, veggies, tons of cheese on a pillsbury dough? YES!

I can't wait to read the rest and see if I can learn a thing or too.
Over and Out.


Mandy said...

I definitely need to try that chicken roll sometime soon!!!

Jenn said...

My north began to water when I saw your enchiladas! They look yummy!

Jenn said...

And make that my mouth. lol

That Dayum DeeDee said...

That Chicken roll looks delicious! Did you post the recipe'....I'd like to add it to my "to Make" list?

That Dayum DeeDee said...

Thanks for the recipe...cannot wait to try it!