Saturday, March 3, 2012

You lost me at carrots, which was the first draft of 'you had me at hello'.

So I've been busy, what else is new, but can I tell you how incredible sore I am from shopping?
"Like, O.M.G Barbara Jean, did you know Nordstrom was having a sale y'all?!" -said in my most faked 15 yr old Britney voice.

I have gone out with the Mom-ster EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

We've gone to 3 Marshalls, malls gallore, Kohls, WM, Michaels, countless Payless, Macys, SEARS, JCP, Lord and Taylor, Old Navy, etc...seriously I think the only store we didn't go was the Sex toy store, and believe me, if she thought she was getting a deal, she would have been there!

My feet are throbbing, my back is aching, and I swear I've lost a few pounds. The Mom-ster i
s a complicated woman, being 75 and all. The shirts she likes are too tight, too low cut, she does' like showing her arms but don't like long sleeves...I'm telling you the blouses she likes do not exist.

The good thing is that we did score major deals: dresses @ $1.98, a pair of boots for $5, Dressy Italian shoes for $3...seriously major scores. The thing is the weather is nice around here right now and people don't know if they should dress for spring or I guess they opted for summer since all the bating suits are out. Oh, and I also got an email from Crabtree & evelyn from liking their FB page back in Nov. gave me a free hand cream, and then for signing up in their store got an extra one!!! (I choose lemon) I love free stuff.

My house is a mess, there is a mattress on the living room and there is no rhyme of reason how to organize everything (my oldest gave his room and has made the living room a new version of occupy DC). and then I found this one morning...the little one crawl in to cuddle with his big brother....awwwwww...btw one pillow is hello and the other white, just saying.

So the word to the wise is too have some major walking shoes and maybe sweatpants to tackle these trips, anything is better than this:

Please remind me that the above look it's not appropriate gear for shopping with the Mom-ster.
(stripe shirt-old navy, sweater-Gap, Jeans- Levi's, boots- Bass for $9.99 a century ago)
BTW-my eyes are Hazel, not weird zombie like.

So that's what I'm up to. what about you?

Over & out

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