Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How OCD is making me nuts and a tiny Haul

Last night after I finished my bath routine I realized I have waaaaay to many things to do to prep for bed, beauty wise that is. I think the other stuff is pretty normal: check doors, stove, baby, etc. but the bath routine has like 100 steps. Am I the only 35 yr old with this problem? Please say that you also have 20,000 steps to beautify yourself? I've always love taking a bath/shower at night before bed. It refreshes me, relaxes me and if Hubs attacks I'm ready to go. {what? I'm happily married, remember?}So let's review:
  • First off I wash my face, floss, brush my teeth and use a whitening gel (that way is on while I shower).
  • Then shower, shave, scrub if needed.
  • Off to using a light self tanner for the legs because they are and is noticeable different from other body parts. Then apply body butter. My all time favorite is The Body shop Coconut cream, it reminds me of home (remember, island girl here) this one has shimmer in it and it was on sale for 50% off.
  • Then apply night serum on face, then eye cream, followed by my night moisturizer...uff, still with me?.

  • Then I use an elbow whitening cream ~yes, you read right: ELBOW , because after baby my elbows are horrible, seriously BAD and dark, so my oldest Sis gave me this little gem below called Dermaline.

  • Then cuticle balm "Burts Bees" lemon
  • Foot cream to soften.
  • Lip balm
  • *breathe, breathe, breathe*
  • If I wash my hair I wait and hour so it air dries for the most part and then blow dry {which has a few steps in itself} the rest.
I'm not even including the plucking and waxing that takes some more time since I don't do that everyday. And let us not forget my obsession with Vicks Vapor Rub...You would think I'm Heidi Klum for all the stuff I do, but seriously, I'm 35 I need some help, I want to be smelling good, protecting my skin and taking care of myself. My bath time is the time for me, to relax. I just realized is a lot more steps than I wanted them to be. Beauty, apparently takes time.

I remember when all I used was my Nivea cream or Noxema and be done with it....ahhh to be young again.

And talking about products, I got another neat little package from Fortune Cookies Soaps (LOVE THEM) I usually wait until Groupon has a coupon to buy, with that of us being on a budget. This time it was pay $10 and get $30 of product...heck yeah! So this is what I got:

2 fortune cookies soaps: Blue Lagoon-smells like a fancy spa, and Honeymoon which is so tropical and fruity, feels like you should have a drink with a tiny umbrella.

Heart shaped Bath melt "coquito" (3 in a pack)which is also a traditional Caribbean drink, YUMM!

Square bath Fizz "Strawberry fields- is actually pink and green and is smells like pure strawberries.

Whipped cream "Something Tropical" fruity, delicious, Papaya? maybe. But again, amazing, very thick although I tough the tube was a little small. They also sent me a sample of their Body whipped cream "Melon Cucumber" a scent that shouldn't attract me but it does, is so fresh! I may have to get this one next time. I think I'm craving summer more than I thought because every smell was tropical related.

When I opened the package my whole rooms smelled divine, and if they can impress my 18 yr old, they are winners to me.

Their Service is amazing, and I would compare their products to Lush, which I love but can be a little pricey. Oh, and they are all natural! So now I have even more stuff to put on, shower time should be fun :)

Hope you have a wonderful, smelly, delicious bath!

Over & out


Vivienne said...

You have more steps than I do at bath time, but I end up doing most of those things throughout the day. I love the Sublime.

I tend to do the teeth-whitening strips around 3:30 or 4:00 because that's when I get the afternoon munchies. By ensuring I can't eat anything for at least half an hour helps, then b/c you need to brush your teeth after, nothing tastes good in a minty mouth.

Melissa J said...

I definately need to get a beauty routine going. I've got dark elbows too and will be looking for that product to try. I really love your routine. I love Tropical fragrances!