Thursday, February 10, 2011

When free is a high price to pay

It never ceases to amazed me how mean can people be to one another, how much we judge without knowing that person and how quickly, ready and able we are to tell them off.

It is apparent the most BIG blogs get stuff for free, and honestly I don't see much harm in it. I do wonder what happens if you really hate the product would you still give it a fair review?

I have found several AMAZING companies because someone did a review on them {hellu Fortune Cookies soap} and I think is a great form of marketing -after all in another life I was a Marketing Major...and then Interior Design...err...let's continue.

Yesterday a very popular makeup guru made a HUGE mistake when not only did she posted about the beautiful Petunia Pickle Bottom she had gotten for free, thanks to some readers that emailed the company, but then she erased part of the post making it seem like the Co. contacted her and she erased the name of the followers. It was so strange.And then WW Three started. Dear lord, they are WAAAAYYYY too many women out there with nothing better to do than to criticized and hate on others. They called her selfish, greedy, bad mother, and one even made some comment about her maybe being too loose. They sent so many hurtful words because apparently she asked people for stuff {I've never seen these post they claim} but I say to myself: "she can ask but that doesn't mean you are going to give, and if you do why would you REQUEST that she post a public thank you about?"

Isn't giving supposed to be done from the heart without expecting anything? No? Maybe is just me. EVERY popular blogger out there gets free stuff. I've seen MAC send new collections for review...

I mean even ZOYA did the 3 free nail polish as a marketing plot. {I'll show you the one's I got in a bit} .
I personally think that yes, some of your honest reviews are going to get lost because the item was gifted but I don't see the harm on then getting the free stuff. And by Golly, who the hell died and make all these queens entitled to insult this woman for getting this bag? I mean I get it, it's a $300+ bag and people said she should have sold it. OK, I'm on a tiny teeny budget and I WOULD NOT have sold the bag. She should keep it, enjoy it, and delete the haters. By the way NieNie also got this bag and she doesn't have any current babies...just saying.

And for Christmas she also requested items to be sent for review, and not all got posted -and she even said she would not send them back- but people sent her stuff because they knew how many people would see these and was good advertising.

So should I not trust all this gurus because they are being gifted? Should I say you are a bad person because you got a plate hanging disk instead of buying it?
I think not. I think I'm smart enough to see that some post have more enthusiasm than others and that I can always research the product a bit more.

I, like many more out there, got these free polishes from ZOYA:

above is Karina, very sparkly. Had to get it because is my younger Sis name.

Above is remind me of another color I have OPI Manicurist of Seville-below.

And the bane of my existence: below is Laney. I didn't order this color but the company refuse to rectify it, so here it is.

I made a comment stating that a) at $7 I rather get the China Glaze for less than $3.
b) even though they where free the customer Service was AWFUL, and that is really important to me, therefore I would not recommend or be buying from them.

I GOT CRUCIFIED stating how ignorant and petty I was, that I should just take them and shut up. Haven't been bullied like that by grown {immature} women since...well...never. I laugh so hard about it but it also made me sad to see how angry people get over tiny things. So honest reviews need not to apply.

I do have to say that even though they are regular nail polishes they do dry super fast.
I'm still one of those that believe that all people are mostly good, and I don't mind if you get something for free, after all these companies are looking for a cheap way of advertising.
Hecks if Lush said :"hello there, amazingly smelling woman; Let us shower you -no pun intended-with free stuff, I'll be doing the Cabbage pack while screaming hells-to-the-yeah!!!!

Sorry, free stuff, like coupons excited me.
So what about you. does knowing that someone got an item for free change your view of them?
I wonder...
Let me go and cook some dinner while I ponder the meaning of free items.

Over & out

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