Monday, February 14, 2011

Friend Making Monday-Valentine edition

I'm joining again Kenz famous Friend Making Monday; the questions today: How will you celebrate today? Are you in love? Do you love/hate this holiday?

I am deeply in love with my best friend, a person who laughs if I fart in front of him, who gets how nail polish is so important to me, a guy that does not mind that I take FOR-EV-AR in the shampoo isle or that I stop dead on my tracks when I see some pretty shoes.

So far today I spent the day researching colleges for my eldest and food shopping. Other than that I really don't care either way for this Holiday. I use to in my younger years when I felt insecure if that person loved me the same way,and when I was looking for some sort of reassurance on our relationship. And to be fair I used to be a tad clingy too.

These days to me is more special when he comes home with a book he knows I've been wanting, or flowers just because. we usually don't give each other gifts on holidays but rather pick a random day and just surprise one another. But I did gave him a card last night. I will make a nice dinner for all four of us, including dessert (Is a dipped apple so I get some fruit in there as well).

Have a wonderful holiday!

Over & out

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Brandi. said...

I used to get disappointed at not getting "spoiled" for this holiday. Now I realize that just spending the day with my husband and kids is the greatest blessing and gift. :)