Sunday, February 27, 2011

Reality has no place in our world!

Ah, the joys of having an insane family. Love it. wouldn't trade it for the world...well, maybe I would trade that crazy ex-older-sister for shoes...or cupcakes :) I'm evil like that. Or annoying like my oldest says. conversations like these make me happy:
Me: Ali (nickname) please come here and take this off.
him: why?
me: nine hours of labor,that is why!

He loves me though. We spent sometime out and about with the little guy, mostly at the playground so he can interact with more children aka speak gibberish together. So cute. Hubs got me new feather earrings and leggings (for $4.50!!!) from Forever 21...probably few of the things I can actually get from this store. I also got my manicure done, lovely new favorite O.P.I
"Have you seen my Limo" loves!!!

Not the best picture...but look at the color on this image (found on Polishchest blog)

Love it so much, is kind of a duo chrome.
I was also itching to do something creative and working on Aiden's scrapbook is sooooooo slow that I decided to recreated something I saw on blog land @ The Magic of Ordinary things. I got a bunch of fabric samples from a century ago when I was doing Interior design

Spent sometime doing this

so I could get this: TAAAADAAAAAAAAAA

The lighting is terrible but is so pretty IRL. Even the boys liked it {or so they say after I questioned them 20 times asking them if they liked it, semantics really}. I still don't know if it's going in the door or maybe the window...will see.

OH, and we also finally got one of these!

which told me I lost a little over 5lbs.OK no earth shattering but better than gaining. Hubs is actually doing so much better and I am so proud of him for committing to do this. He has a deal with me that if he looses 64lbs by November he gets a new NY Knicks shirt. Hecks, whatever I can do to motivate him.

I'm off to exercise and make dinner!

Over & out

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