Sunday, February 13, 2011

How does a Mommy look like?

I have said so many times that it amazes me how rude people are, openly criticizing and being mean to one another just because you are behind a PC but to now judge how we look kinds of reminds me of High school.

The cool kids looking at you, comparing brands and who is cooler than who, only now we have grown people telling us "you are a Mom now, you can't wear that". Now if you are getting all gussied up with a leather tube top and Britney-look-a-like- low-rider-jeans, YES, that may not be the outfit for the next PTA but seriously, when was it said we all have to go and get MOM jeans and haircuts?

Seriously, have we gotten completely bonkers?
I have kids and there is NO WAY IN HELL you will catch me with this look. None of my sister's do either. Most of my friends have kids but they haven't forgotten they are also women (married by the way, let us not forget there is so much rollers and cold cream the hubs can take). So why can I be a mommy and dress like this?

yes, about 6 sizes up but still. I want to look cute and presentable. Even today going to run some errands alone I put on my Boot cut jeans, brown boots- much like the one's above, a gray sweater and a nice herringbone coat. I saw a guy checking me out and is not what I want to atract, but I want my Hubs to remember he got married to a hot tamale.

And yes, I am even going to defend Kate Gosselin because the poor soul deserved to do her nails and get her hair done. The look of just sweat pans when the show first started is understandable, after all she has 8 kids, but she also has to have time for herself. Is she a little nuts? yes, but I don't want to walk a mile in her shoes so I give her props for not going completely nuts. And yes, I even like the other hair style that everyone made fun off.

I even remember how many mean comments our dear NieNie got when she decided to get her nails and hair done. Seriously? we can't do that when we become mothers?
Look here:
This beautiful, gorgeous girl below is the proud mommy of 4 kids.

Some people posted on FB and her blog she should dress like a Mom now. Uhm, what exactly does that looks like? I think the shot above was for portfolio since she is a makeup artist and very talented, and she posted other looks as well. You should look her up since she is AMAZING.
Kandee Johnson.

Do you remember when Celine Dion took pictures with her first born? I do

I remember thinking: THIS IS CELINE DION for Pete's sake! I thought she look fabulous, and yes I get that some people said it was not realistic with all her luxury but this is HER reality; and frankly I would be disappointed if she looked like me. It just seemed to me like nice family pictures, rich family but family none the less.

Have I gotten out in my sweat pans for a quick run? yes
Have I gone out to drop the hubs in my PJ's {with a coat on top}? yeap, that was me.
Did I spent the first few weeks after having the little one with a stylish collection of sweats and comfortable outfits? yes indeed

But I also like make up, I like doing my nails, I like a new pair of sexy heels. And I do not believe that has anything to do with the fact I'm a mommy or my abilities to take care of my husband and kids. I have so many wonderful women around me, they look amazing, sexy, strong and confident and they are all mommy's. All we have to do is look around us, even on blog land, and see that just because you are a mommy you have to let yourself go.

So here's to all my confident, beautiful, modern mommies out there. Because you all deserve to look your best.

Over & out

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