Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Big C

I mentioned that this past weekend we went to NYC to spent time with family. I didn't mentioned that we also stopped on the way back to see my oldest Brother. Let me give a little info on our relationship. He is my Father's child from his first marriage, however his mother died when he was young so my Mom practically raised him too. He left my homeland before I was born to come to the US so I met him in person when I was 22. We always spoke on the phone so I felt like I knew him but I was not as close to him as with my other siblings.

He is divorced and his kids live abroad. For the past year he had been sick and we though he had Gastritis. About 2 weeks ago he called me to say he was in the hospital with lots of pain (had been there for 5 days before calling me) and that they where running some test.

When I called him over the weekend I asked if he had the results and he said that we would talk when I stopped by. On Sunday when I saw him for Father's day he looked so frail, it seems he had lost about 40lbs.

He proceeded to tell us they found two tumors (one much bigger than the other) turns out he has Colon Cancer. I just hold him and cry. I couldn't just hold it in. He is all alone there, no family near by - except for crazy oldest Sis that neither of us speak to because (duh) she is NUTS. He is having to deal with figuring out how to go to the Hospital for radiation and chemo since he can't drive, it is just so sad. Thankfully he has been working as a Manager in the same place for over 20 yrs and they are all taking turns to see him, bring him food (it's a Restaurant) and over all looking out since they know we are far.

It doesn't look good though, he is not having surgery. He told me to please make sure the Hubs and I take care of ourselves, that we don't wait to be sick to loose the weight and get healthy. What can you said to someone who now has a different perspective of life and death?

All I can say is that now, more than ever, I'm determined to cherish my time with my family, to do what's best for us regardless of what others think of our choices, to get healthier, to do better, and specially pray a little more.

Over & out

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Jodi said...

I agree! There is nothing like family! I am an only child so I tell my kids all the time to cherish the time we have together cuz we never know what is in our future. I will pray for you and your brother! Hang in there Nina! (((HUGS)))