Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life is so much funnier when you have a dirty mind.

Like mine, but since is almost 2am and I'm listening to Alanis Morissette something bad could come out , so I will abstain my self....This has been a quiet week and I say I like it like that, next week oldest is going to college and I would be going insane with things to do, plus I have to become creative with the little guy since we have 2 weeks off from his learning center/play time. Here is the low down so far (where the hell did I get my wording, must be from hanging with certain teenager) This week my new love arrived, yay!

We got a Bissell quick steamer and I'm in love. Seriously, the Hubs asked what I wanted for mothers day and this is what I wanted. Having carpet and a two year old that loves making prints in it with his grape juice drives this OCD Mother bonkers. I could not live like that and renting a machine is actually more expensive so here she is (her name is Catalina btw). She is a smaller machine and you do have to change/refill the water more often but that's ok for me. I've already tried it and it made a HUGE difference. Now there are some spots that are still there but I'm planning on getting Shaklee products to clean them so no worries there. (darn I get way to enthusiastic about cleaning devices).

Also as I mentioned before we had a summer BBQ with the little guy's @ the center...

My bubba smirks like his daddy

dont you love his friend with the red shades? so cute. And below is us, me with no makeup and all sweaty from playing outside

Oh, and this is my new lover: titiritups, as bubba calls him

He is part of the home decor- as seen on side table below- as our beautiful, smart, hyper two year old thinks every single item in the house is for him to play....see that small bird cage on the table got already a metal leave taken off {yes, I said a metal leave, and yes he ripped it off}

But that's ok, this is the time for him to explore and get messy, and I'm just gonna deal with it. And my hubs is so good to me. He told me he was going to Target with the little guy and disappeared for two hours (that would be normal for me, not for him). When he came back he surprise me with this watch (btw NOT from Target):

LOVE! he is so sweet and seriously I was already happy with my carpet cleaner but he said that was not an appropriate mothers day gift, and who am I to argue, eh? {btw Mother's day for us is the last Sunday in May}
Now please ignore my nails, since this is the aftermath of that horrible service I had, and no, I didn't loose a finger. I'm wearing OPI "Lincoln Park after Dark"

So that was it for me, now I'm on the hunt for a new nail place and looking forward (yeah, OK) to one hectic week.

Over & out

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