Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Some of my current loves. We have a party to attend in NYC (Sept.) and I'm thinking a black cocktail dress-darn picture wont upload- matched with these or red pumps:

then I'm wearing now Essie Topless & Barefoot, and yes I change the place that I was going to.

Then this beauty. I don't care what anyone says, Apple is the BEST ever and this new Imac ROCKS!!!! I no longer have to wait forevaaaaaaaaaaa to load things. If I could marry it I would :)

and finally I got this, a Shashi bracelet from Shopbop

Seems that friendship bracelets are all the rage, I actually did a smaller version of this one from the AMAZING blog "Honestly WTF"

Here is theirs (they have a link where you can get the bracelet)

And here is my tiny one, I just wanted to practice and this gold bracelet is all I had, I'm going to try to find a medium size one and try it again...

So what are you up to?

Over & out

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Anonymous said...

I have those same shoes, definately would go better with a black dress than red shoes. The polish would accentuate the shoes as well! Congrats on the new pc!

Currently my favorite Essie polish is Sand Tropez, its more of a beige but goes great with my skin tone =)