Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Loving...because I can hate way too many things

Yeas, I'm bitchy and cranky sometimes. Today my oldest said I was moody because while I was on the phone making a phone call he wanted to show me this gross video of guys making a chicken, inside a turkey, with like 8 other types of meat, plus bacon, inside a pork...covered in bacon. GROSS! Obviously my and his priorities are a little different...but I did watch it afterwards 'cause how else is a mother going to bond with an 18 yr old if not with gross youtube videos?

Anyway... (said in my fake Ellen Degeneres voice)

Here is a small list of things that make me so UBBER happy right now, in no particular order {and nothing supper life changing, except that I made the list and that should be enough to brighten anyone's day...just saying}:

  • Finding a great shirt, that fits me perfectly and came out to $2 on sale!
  • Having a way to pay for things without credit cards ( I WUW YOU QVC)
  • on that note, a brand spanking new carpet steam cleaner that we can afford!
  • My husband taking the kiddo out for 2 hours so I can do my cleaning in peace and with LOUD music.
  • Clean Laundry, love doing it, love the smell, I'm.a.freak.
  • Starting to get the hang of coupons thanks to Passions for Savings
  • Having a printer that works
  • Meaghan Smith's voice
  • Listening to VH1's One hit wonders of the 90's
  • The Bangles "Manic Monday" enough said.
  • The Kiddo asking for help to get off his high chair, then running around screaming "I'm free, I'm free". He is soooooo my kid.
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Free printables :)
  • summer breeze
  • planning a weekend with family
  • Lemonade!
awww, that's it for now...I leave you with this lovely tune

Over & Out

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