Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday wish list (I know, I know)

My birthday is a few months away, but since I've been married the hubs and I have a deal that we usually tell each other what we want, need or is on our wish list. While you may think that it would not be creative or spontaneous, it is, because I don't always know what he is going to get me or I him. He also has a wish list with amazon, one that you could add items even from other sites, and we love it because we can always go back there and refer to the list.

That's how I got my lovely Hunter boots :)

In case you didn't know, I'm obsessed with boots and would love nothing more than to have a closet full of them, so of course this year there are a few boots on my list. Here is my first choice: Frye boots. If you don't know about them you need to. I love them, and I have seen them paired with jeans, skits, shorts, etc. My only issue is price, so we'll see. We don't use credit cards so we only buy what we can pay right then. These are the Jane stitch style.

Then I though maybe I go for something less expensive and get a Bearpaw

and when I saw they come in this awesome green I was ALMOST convinced...

Decisions, decisions...and just for fun here are some of my other items in the list, these are all from Old Navy and would be awesome to get for when we go back to the motherland in January (remember, is an island):

OK, the one above MUST be mine so I will be ordering it soon. Chevron+ navy and white= LOVE

I think I have been inspired more and more to get more dressier instead of just lounging around in sweats after finding this amazing blog from Momma go round. Can she be prettier and stylish? I think not. Here are just two of her lovely looks:

You need to go see her, seriously. Can I say how much I love that we where same sizes and weight the same? She inspires me to try new things.

So whats inspiring you this week?

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Meredith said...

i have a chevron top like that! i got it from a clothes swap and i love it. good choice;)

Anonymous said...

I like the Chevron top, going to see if they have my size now...