Thursday, July 7, 2011

Goal: Girly up!

One of my goals for this year is to get more dresses and girlify {it's a word, look it up, shussss} even more. I wear the make up, the hair, the nails, etc. but I don't have many dresses. I felt that being overweight I couldn't but I have seen so many beautiful full figure women wearing them and I want to jump on that wagon too. I've always love the 40's - 50's look but it was never en vogue, so now that it is I think I may add a few of those!

I know Anthropologie is so full of beautiful vintagey dresses but I cannot justify paying the price for them. I found that if you try enough you can find the look for less. I am on the hunt at Marshalls, etc, but haven't found what I want yet. Like this little ensemble from Shabby Apple- this is the Ingrid dress and they said it would flatter my figure (you can take a small survey there for suggestions). This one os $94 and has 20% discount now. LOVE!

The next one is just too wonderful and perfect for my nephews Baptism/ first Birthday that is in the future. I see red pumps with it :) This is from Modcloth but currently out of stock (I believe it was $99.00) so I asked them to notify me when it comes back in stock. They have tons of vintage inspire dresses...why did we ever stop dressing like this?

And because I am from an Island and will be going in a few months I though it was time for a new swimsuit! This one is from (WAIT FOR IT) Walmart PEOPLE! and only $32.00, incredible I know since I have seen this style for triple that.

And since we are talking vintage inspire, I'm loving this wallet also from Modcloth for $37.99- a little pricey for me but oh-so-cute.

Even though this is not the definition of comegetthem and sexiness girly that a successful marriage needs from time to time, they look so confy. I want them. Currently on Amazon, the brand is Frankie & Johnny .

And my favorite Latte Bowls from Anthropologie are on sale right now. 4 for $9.97 but only in dark blue, yellow and melon. I ordered the melon to add to our collection but 2 came broken. They where very prompt to send me not 2 but another set of 4. Love them!

Ahhh, the wish list. I'm dreaming of pretty aprons, flowie dresses, and a date night in my future. Now off to see some Spanish miniseries that has me hooked.

Over & out

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