Friday, July 1, 2011

small Bath love

We have a small bathroom and we are trying to maximize space. Redoing it is not an option since we rent, so while browsing thru Ikea it occurred to us that what we need is more shelving. Here is some inspiration for small bathrooms:

Love the subway tile above, it reminds me of NYC, the one below is just lovely

OK, how genius is this cabinet with it's antique door?

We are actually going to be using this shelving in our kitchen so we can have more cabinet space for this idea in the bath too.

The sink is a little modern for me but I love the overall look

Now this one is shelving galore

not sure about the blue and yellow convo, but I like how many things Ikea can fit in their small spaces.

A classic bath, a dream for me.

So they may have gone CRAZY with the shelving and sea shells but it is very unique. If you have small kids I suggest you stay FAR away from this.

I love the coziness of small places {translation- we have a small space and is going to be like that for a long while) but that doesn't mean it can be stylish. Our long list of to do is:
  • Get shelves for kitchen
  • paint living and dinning walls
  • get more cd boxes for storage
  • change wall art in living room
  • get curtains for said living room
and you bet the majority of this changes will happen with the help of Ikea.

Over & out
P.s. photos taken from google images (small bath or bath shelves) and totally not mine

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Anonymous said...

Ive noticed the bathrooms in Chicago are so much smaller compared to the ones here in Tx. Im intimidated by the thought of downsizing and maximizing with so much in a small place..these are great ideas..I know I'll be visiting Ikea a time or two..