Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I slept!

This is (hopefully) going to be a quick post.
I was so thrilled to read the answers from FMM (look at my previous post) and everyone that ported @Alltheweigh it is truly inspirational. So far I've been keeping to my calories and doing some exercise; but the most thrilling development was that I sleep for 8 hours last night! woooo hooooo GO ME!
I lay down to watch one of my shows (not MINE, but you know what I mean) and fell asleep right after (11pm!) the next thing I know I woke up at around 1am because it was really hot, you know living with boys they do not check the thermostat, so I lower it and went back to bed...until 7:30am! I fell so amazing is insane, I seriously need to do whatever it takes so I can make this happen for me. I was not cranky this morning, actually got a lot done and will be working out right after the little guy takes his nap.

This is good, this is REALLY good :)

Oh and I forgot that I got a few things last week:

the above bag was a deal from nomorerack for $15 (they claim it cost $90+) well, it looks really cheap and smell really bad. I aired it out so it no longer smells. I don't think I would use it though. Bummer. Not impress by nomorack...

My latest nail colors topless & barefoot and Marshmallow, both from Essie (sorry for the bad picture) I'm wearing the more peachy one Topless & barefoot.

Above is the July Birchbox, for $10 shipped this is the best thing I've ever done, if you love deluxe samples you should look into it. This month they are coordinated with:

Here is what I got from her favorite items (some boxes may differ from each other):
and a Kind fruits & nuts bad (Apricot and almonds)

so that is it for now.

Over & out


Molly said...

Too bad that purse is no good because it is cute!

You won the cereal giveaway on my blog! Send me your mailing info to molly.dee1@gmail.com and I'll get it sent out to you!

Laura (akaWonderWife!) said...

I totally agree with Molly because that purse is super cute! How terrible :(
I wanted to thank you for your comment on my FMM blog and you should seriously try that C25k - it really works! I went from barely even walking to LOVING to run! And yeah, I only do it for me, definitely NOT to compete against anyone else (I'm really not a people person, Lol!).

PlumPetals said...
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PlumPetals said...

Love the nailpolish colors and the Birchbox samples look fun to try! :) Oh and congrats on getting some sleep - as a chronic insomniac (since I was a child really) I know how terrible not getting enough sleep can be ...