Thursday, July 21, 2011

Driving a cab

Let me explain before you freak out like my friend Kelly and call me talking 1,000mph to let me know how dangerous that is for me. No people, I'm not working as a taxi driver...yet (hey, you never know), but it sure feels like it.

I know we are all busy but it seems to me like I'm busier than most people I know. I've posted before how crazy my days can get...well that was a walk in the park compared to now days.

I'm going to do a review of Monday, just as an example:
5:30am drive to pick up friend to drop her at her work (car is broken)

6am arrive to her job, drive back home...

6:30 home..hubs and Big kid get ready, I cuddle in bed with the little guy trying to get some sleep, which I can so I just fix our room and get the little guy ready.

7:30am car packed with everyone

7:50 drop big kid @ college

8:05 drop hubs @ train station

drive back to our town

8:30am pick up Brother in law @ car dealer where he was dropping his car for maintenance

8:50 drop BIL @ his house

drive home

make breakfast for me and the little guy

9:30am on my way out to pick up BK from college

9:50 drive back home

10:15 I get home (there is always traffic at this time)
clean kitchen, dishes, etc.
do 2 loads of laundry
make lunch
fold laundry
get kiddo to nap

2:00pm drive to pick up BIL @ his house
2:20pm drop him off @ dealer
2:40pm home again, more chores

5:30pm on our way to drop BK @ college again (Traffic, AGAIN)
6:00pm arrive at Sis house to pick up the Goat I ordered for dinner (otherwise I would be
home cooking until...)

7:00pm leave house to go get Hubs @ train station
7:30 stopped to get milk, juice
8:00 dinner
9:20 this time Hubs leaves to pick up BK from college while I bathe the little guy.

Seriously INSANE! and yes, there are days that I don't pick up my BIL, but I have two days a week that I have to squeeze in 2 hrs of learning center/daycare that I take the little guy so he can socialize and play with other kids.

I feel like I'm always on the go, and I knew this was going to happen because this is now my job, to be a SAHM.

The one thing I do regret is that I'm finding it so difficult to exercise - I usually do it when the little guy is napping. Maybe that's why I'm failing to succeed on this weight lost journey, because I don't have a lot of time for me. I'm still writing down what I eat with the help of and trying really hard to make a conscious effort to do better. I wont give up, I have to do it. I've asked Friends and family to give me their tips and that gave me energy to keep going.

Here is to a more restful, easier, healthier week.

Over & out

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