Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teen Mom

This weekend was very important to me. My oldest turned 19 and for those counting I was 16 when I had him. This is the first year he has spent his Birthday in the US and that means to me more than words can ever express. I'm not going to be political here because it makes me upset, but getting him here legally was more difficult than actually doing an incantation Harry Potter Style. This is where we want to be, and America...we do not take you for granted, so Happy Birthday to you too.

I hate that now days is almost a fashion statement to have a baby that young. Back then- which is not that far back- it was a VERY BAD THING. I was subjected to rumors, to comments, to being told I was damage goods, to people looking down on me, making jokes about me. My Mom made that first year HELL but I endure because I had no other choice.

Still this was the very best thing that ever happened to me, and the hardest too. Oh, I had help from my Mom but not like they had these days. I had to use cloth diapers and washed them by hand each day, I had to wash and sanitized his bottles the old fashion way, make him home made compote and food. You know, all the things that apparently are in fashion now days but that where really, really hard back then.

I took a year to be with him before going to College {again, very thankful that my Parents did not want me to work but to study instead}. After coming here they took care of him while I did his paperwork, so every year I try my darnest to save money to flight back home and be with him, but having him here this year brings me a happiness beyond words.

Having a kid is not my choice for ANYONE. Is hard work, is not pretty, you are going to be changing diapers while your friends are partying, you will have to sacrifice a lot of you, so this little person can become the best it can be. It can be done, and can be done successful if you are committed to do it. I hate for girls to think this is easy, or glamorous, or a way to tie that guy down (because that does not happen).

I am so blessed because I had him, because if I'm any good at being a Mom is because of him, because anything I did was thinking of the best for him, because I realize that those losers that did not want to date me because I had a child where indeed losers and I was better off. Because I realize I was NOT damage goods, but a bless woman because I had him.

This weekend was about him, about family, about being together and enjoying each other, together at last. Happy Birthday America, thank you for letting me have him here to Celebrate His day too.

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Anonymous said...

I love this and am glad he was able to be here with you! Im also glad to see someone be completely honest about the trials and tribulations of teenage pregnancy, if only more were as wise =)