Monday, October 3, 2011

Finding cheese on the floor

Rambling warning

It's 2:50am and I still can sleep. At first I said let me just catch up on "Weeds" {the show people!} because gawd knows I need motivation after the show went to the crapper for me. Seriously, doesn't this woman ever learn? I heard from a friend that does recreation drugs-something I'm complete against-that this happens to a lot of drug people when they come out of jail, they don't know what to do and go back to the same life, to me is just plain dumb, but hey is a TV show so I will indulge my curiosity since is the last season.

Now I'm fully alert and not in the mood to watch the rest of the I'm on the computer checking the Postsecrets of the day. They make me sad, and make me laugh, and some of them touch my heart because there is so much hurt out there...

Oh, I forgot to warn you this was going to be a rambling post...kinda one of those in which people just write for 5 minutes what ever comes to mind.

so, where was I? oh yes, hurt...I always said I hate technology because of the things it does to us and it seems growing an extra set of balls usually happens when someone is behind a computer screen or a phone...gosh people can be mean.

um, what else? I went thrift shopping but didn't get anything although next to one Goodwill there is a Pier1 and I was tempted to get an Owl. Lovely creatures...which made me think of a boy I use to know back home who had one as a pet, who dies of eating too many bananas...the owl, not the boy.

I also decided to create a list of things I want to get for the house now the old CD collection resides in pretty white IKEA boxes. So the list goes like this:

1. Paint walls of living/dinning room
2. get curtains for livingroon
3.get the shelves for the kitchen so I can display my pretty collection of Anthro bowls.
uhmmm, thats it, not too much to ask...although I saw this mirror @ Michael's that must be mine.

In other news I found out that since is the second year of the Learning Center they are only going to allow kids that are going to attend that specific adjacent school, so Aiden won't be going to play there again...MAJOR bummer since he loved it there, lets see if the rest of the schools around here jump on the plan too so he can go back. This means I'm gonna have to do a lot more of trips with him to the library, museums, etc.

And before I go let me show you what he got into today, which got me in to the tittle of the post. The little rascall got in the fridge, took out some of the baby bell cheese and proceeded to peal it and eat least I know he would never starve. I love that kid. I don't even want to know what he ate before that made his poop come out green...

Over & out
I got some new candles that I'm in love and nail polishes...I will show you soon!


affectionforfitness said...

Ahh, kids. You gotta love their survival skills. My middle daughter started digging in the cereal boxes by herself when she was 9 months old.

:-) Marion

Carbie Girl said...

lol he went for the good stuff! mmmm cheese!! :0)