Monday, April 12, 2010

I’m a Genius!

Ok, so I’m wonderful and funny and bad with money and all that, but I bet you didn’t know I was a genius. Go ahead…call the Presidency…they would wanna hear this.

I’ve discovered why America is so overweight, why we are seriously obese!
Go ahead…call your peeps…I’ll wait.
(gameshow music playing….then record scratch..)

So you all know about my false pretense on getting healthier *cough*
I mean my attempt on being healthier. So off we went shopping yesterday and I have my trusty little list so I can keep to what we really need, and the coupon’s and all that.

I was already determine to make a homemade fruit salad since the hubs loves it and I can pack that for him to take to work. That way he wont have the excuse that he didn’t have time for a break ‘cause he can eat that at his desk. Also cause I’m trying to introduce the little guy to more foods.

I started doing the shopping while the Hubs went next door to get his hair cut and right there, in the fruit and vegetable item it hit me like a ton of bricks where falling over my head. HOLY CANOLI - BEING HEALTHY IS SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE!

I kid you not, how can I have my daily intake of fruits when they are so darn expensive?
OMG, no wonder why we are so overweight. EVERYTHING that was on sale was really the bad stuff for you: Cookies, Ice cream (2 for$5, now-why can they do that with chicken tenders, huh?), the white bread, Coke ($0.69) etc. Everything that we are supposed to avoid is what’s on sale OK, I’m lying. The cabbage & Yogurt were on sale too. There.

The eggs…I almost peed my pants laughing. Regular eggs cost a third of free range eggs.
A third people! So how on earth they want me to purchase those when I'm on a budget? How the heck is America supposed to do better? If you have $5 for lunch you can go to Taco Bell, get a $0.89 loaded burrito, a side of nachos and a coke and have money left over. Can’t say that I can do that at the deli for a healthy turkey sandwich or a salad. Maybe.... Subways.

And have you been to WHOLE FOODS? That’s like someone that buys at Target going to Saks on Fifth…yeah, I get your stuff may be better but I would be out of a home if I could afford buying everything there…so…yeah, not happening.

Good meat, good fruits, healthy bread, all that comes with a price. People that are on a budget need to watch where their money is spent and it cannot always be on the healthy stuff. Yes, I can get water instead of soda, but if I want variation juices are not cheap (I’m talking about 100% juice). Back on the mother land most people make their own out of fruit, so Hubs thinks it would be a good idea to get a juicer…except is a $75+ investment…maybe we just stick with a blender.

No wonder people go to the Dollar menu place so often. I’m sure more people would eat better if it was more affordable. Yes, we do make bad choices and I think most of us have no idea what so ever in regards to portion size. If we ever do get the correct portion we complain is too small. But eating healthy is so much more costly.

I wish Panera would do a $1 tuna sandwich, or Wholefoods would have more sale items or coupons ( I don't know if they do now but they didn't when I use to shop there), but that's not going to happen. Another mystery to me besides the Pyramid of Giza is the cost of water bottles are so expensive when you go out (try a amusement park or Zoo if you don't believe me) and they do not come with a most people succumb to the soda 'cause they figure at least they can do refills.

I am on a quest to find good prices...I don't like Walmart for food, seems like they are not cheaper than my regular place... I also have to check Trader Joe's and see if they are any better... but maybe now that our Target is having a grocery built I can find some sales there.

So off I go, on my quest to be healthy and still afford the occasional shoe...lets see what happens.


Melissa Miller said...

Hi Nina! No! 8 from 100? I'm so sorry. I can't imagine being too honest has anything to do with that happening. Honesty is a wonderful thing! I'm sure it's just people being people and moving on or shutting down their blogs etc... I definitly did not mean to focus on a *number* per say on mine or the fact that I had lost some readers as being my only dilema today. It's not the end of the world. He! I'm not looking to have thousands of followers and make money from being a blogger. That is not my goal at all. I just enjoy meeting new friends and have fun sharing decorating ideas. I have lost at 25 in the last few months. Yikes! I didn't even notice too much at first and then it just kept on happening. I figured it was significant enough to make some changes to my blog. I can't really go in another direction though. I'm thinking about it and trying to decide if I want to continue. I truly am out of ideas unless they seem like a repeat post. It's my problem having this big ole bloggers block not my loyal friends and followers. You are the best! Thank you for reading along and being so kind to me all this time. I really appreciate it.

~Blessings my friend. ~Melissa :)

PS You are right. Prduce can be pricey but so worth it in the long run. My lipid blood results and B/P are now so awesome I am in shock and feeling blessed. We should all be able to treat our bodies like a temple in this country. The large portion sizes in restaurants are truly just plain shocking!

Melissa Miller said...

Oh my goodness! I am so silly reading that wrong. I am not kidding with you at all when I tell you I need an eye exam ASAP. I keep saying it and not getting it done. Okay you have inspired me. Thanks my friend!

Have a wonderful day and I'll talk to you again soon.

Chestnut also says Hi! ~Melissa :)