Friday, April 23, 2010

"A missile! A MISSILE! in my bedroom"

Can you tell by now I belong in another era? Yeap, thank Gawd I got married :)
The hubs was nice enough to stay home with me yesterday. Why, you ask?

Because even though I am OCD and I have to have things organized just like so the kids room was a disaster of monumental proportions. I tried my best to organized everything right when we moved but then,what ever was not needed immediately simply got placed in that room. It was not pretty.

Amongst other stuff there was: 2 car seats, a box full of Teddy bears, 2 HUGE boxes of clothes, play mat, 2 topiaries, 2 rolling craft bags, a paper rack, boxes upon boxes of scrapbooks supply, our luggage set, Christmas and Halloween decorations, Xmas Tree, a dresser, nightstand, a headboard, a box of old cable boxes, crock pot, 4 comforter sets, a picnic basket, 2 fans and a rocking chair.

Oh, and did I mention the baby's clothes and diapers and things of the sort are there too? yeah, not pretty. We tried to tackle every weekend but it never happened. So finally yesterday we did it, we toss anything old and worn and unfixable. put the clothes away, have 2 HUGE piles going to Goodwill this weekend. All of the holiday stuff is now on our storage place in the building. It looks fantastic. All I have to do now is reorganized my craft closet ('cause my shelf unit was missing pieces and now I found them-yaaaayyyyy). Oh and I found a box for my ribbon on sale at Michael's for $6.99 from $14.99, but I ask if they can reduce it more and they did...another score for $3.99!

I have dreams for the kids room. The comforter set is black and off white Toile, the walls are going to be cream and blue. Dream....sigh. I'm thinking going for the map/travel theme since It could be use for both boys. (at this point we don't know which college the big guy is going to...yet..hey-he's abroad.)

Painting will be done when the big guy arrives from abroad in July. But it looks so much better already AND It felt like we went to the gym. Oh- and we cleaned the house while we were at it. So to celebrate I made home made should see the little one eating soft funny. (dont ask about the diet- a friend that obviously hate me gave me her Weight Watchers kit...lets just say by breakfast all is lost!)

Also our bedroom will also change...from brown and blue to Blue and white for the summer. Nothing fancy since we are on a budget, but just to bring new life (I'm reusing sister's curtains mixed with IKEA's buy).
I'm happy so far, the place is finally growing on me...or not, but I like to pretend. We did score a coffee Table from Goodwill for $35 after the Craiglist one got snatched. And may be getting a TV stand from a friend...for a small amount...thinking it over...

We have so much going now since we are also having a birthday party for the little guy in 2 weeks and is going to be in another state so the family can attend. I have to make decorations, banners, etc. It s going to be a Circus theme...cant wait. Hopefully it will all come together. The plan is to use all the things circus related. Pop Corn, hot dogs, Cotton Candy, tickets for games, lemonade...etc. I'll post pictures.

So that's it for on the hunt for cheap lamps since Target refuses to reduce the one's I like.

Over & out

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