Monday, April 19, 2010

HELP...I like my hair!

Oh dear Gawd, mother of the tomatoes, all that is beautiful and all that jazz.
oh, indulge me and tell me how beautiful it is to sleep 8 hrs...hecks, give me 6 hrs!

I lost it yesterday. I really did. The crazy lunatic that lives inside my mother apparently has a relative that resides within me. I screamed at the little one yesterday...and I mean scream.
It was 4am and he had already waken up 5 times by then. Seriously. He went to sleep around 10:45pm (I started before 9) and he just didn't budge. At first I though he may be sick but no, no fever...still gave him so Tylenol thinking he could have pain. Put some Orajel in his gums, maybe is his teething.

Nope. Every 1½ to 2 hrs he was up. Crying. We would pick him up, give him some milk and he would fall asleep again...only to go back to waking up. By 4 am I was at the end of my rope. Hubs got real mad at me :(
He said screaming doesn't work, but my frustration was too much and got the best of me (or the worst?).

I have to say I haven't slept a full night since I was pregnant. I spent 36 weeks throwing up, dizzy, nausea, the worst acid reflex in the world, leg craps, back pain, etc. It was a very difficult pregnancy but I would do it all over again. But he is not sleeping the night...EVER. He is going to be one yr next month.

I love my babies. There is not a limb, organ, blood that I would not give for them and for their well being. That said...I'm imperfect one (shhhh-don't tell anyone). One that gets tired and that is currently falling asleep at work and at the wheel. NOT GOOD.

One that is so overtired right now that has contemplated building the George Costanza desk (remember that one?) I'm tempted to have one build so I can take a nap there.

So in my desperation I called the Mom...yeah, MY Mom...See how desperate I am?
She said to give him water with sugar and that should help but let him cry.
I really did not want to resort to this but I don't see what else I can do. He is well fed, bathe, rubbed with Lavender lotion, cuddle and all that every night. I did try to put cereal in the milk but it only make him right now, letting him cry seems like my only option.

If you know a better way, or heard you great-great-Grandma said something that works I'm begging you to share.

Oh, and my day just gets better. we all take turns to buy coffee at work (collecting did not work) so usually whoever is drinking it, if is gone, will bring more. This lady that thinks I don't know what she is doing, she is trying to pull the oh-was-it-my-turn-and-i-forgot-i-get-it next-time-if-there-is-not-a-shoe-sale-at-Macy's...yeah, you guessed this week was her turn again and she can't buy it. Not till Friday...So after no sleep, also no coffee at work. Can you tell I'm a freaking ray of sunshine today?

Thats not good. REAAAALLLY not good for me. She better watch it when someone elses brings it in....I may put some eye drops on hers. Or Ex-lax. Or both.

So help me out here, give me some kind of advise...otherwise I'm ready to pull my hair out, and I reeeeally like my hair.

Over & Out.

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Infarrantly Creative said...

I say let him cry it out. If his needs are taken care of and you know he isn't sick, stuck in his crib, hungry, etc then he needs to learn to self soothe and put himself back to sleep. I finally had to do this with Kayla. She eventually falls back to sleep every time. Who knows what wakes her up but if I know she is okay I turn off my monitor. You are a great mom...don't beat yourself up. Over and out.