Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm going to torture people with a Nail Clipper!

That's my favorite saying and people know me at work for this saying. Yes, I think it would be very creative to torture people with a nail clipper, if I do say so myself. So you would think people would know better then to cross me. I know this is sounding mean, but I can attest that "you like me, you truly like me" at work. They are like family...and as such there are some of them I would like to give a wedgie to.

I took off Good Friday for religious reasons (what?! I WAS raised Catholic!) and also because the daycare would be closed that day. Since the hubs makes more mula, it makes sense that I stayed with the little man. And I truly enjoyed it. I actually was trying to teach him the "Our Father" prayer...but it kind of backfire since he started clapping and doing the signs for twinkle twinkle...anyways.

So I came to work on Saturday and this is what I found on my desk:

Yeah, boxes, and boxes, and boxes and UPS things to be sent out 'cause gawd knows it wont function without me here. UGH.

So I dedicated myself to torture people at work by singing to them...and making fun of them...oh the joys of revenge! I told a coworker that he is as charming as a Serial Killer and he took it very well.

And today someone else really upset me. They guy is younger than me (so about 30ish) and he owns his own company, several houses and buildings, etc. and makes a load shit of money (excuse my language) and he is always complaining about it. His latest debacle is that he owes the IRS a little over 2 Million buckaroos. Now I know that would seem like a ton but he has said himself this can be paid in a year or so (that's how much he makes that he is able to do that) but still complaints because he has a lot of bills. I tell him is just money and that it will all work out, but he keeps complaining that I don't know how bad it is. I say is okay, as long as your family is well and healthy.

So I asked him if his kids have food today and a home to go to. He said yes. I told him he is ahead of the curve because they are people out there that today they do not have anything to give their kids, and some people don't have a home to come to.

His answer was "that only happens to people that don't work". OKAY. BREATHE PATRICIA, BREATHE. I wanted to slap him. He has money to pay his bills and feed his family and eventually pay his debt so I don't think that is much to complaint about. When you are on a verge of tears because you have no freaking idea how you are going to buy milk for your kid or pay the bills, or medical things, THEN you can complaint. When you received a letter that your house is going to be taken over, or your boss calls you in his office to tell you they are letting you go...then complain. When you know your kid is sick and you have no way of helping him, then complaint.

I know a girl that is currently in a shelter because she has no home and has been working non stop for 7 years. THATS NOT FAIR. Even I was in a predicament where we had to stay 3 months in my sister's basement. I HATE that there are people like him, judging others thinking that a homeless person is just lazy.

Yes, there are some lazy people out there, but there are people with bad fortune. Anyone saw Oprah when she brought this newscaster that was making millions and he was laid off his job and basically started working as a Vet Assistant making a lot less? That's not his fault.

Even here on blogland I read constantly about all these people who are not working, trying to make end meets and sacrificing a lot. Good, honest, hardworking people. Yes- some of us are bad with money (me!) but that's so ignorant to say.

I guess is true what they say- the more you have the more you want. And money cannot buy compasion or knowledge or hapiness. I want to be comfortable and not worry about bills; but I also want to know everyday that is just money...and it comes and goes.

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