Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You have such a pretty face

I know anyone that has been on the fatty side has heard this line at least once in their lifetime. For me, being fat is something currently new...well...11 years new.
When I moved to the States I was so sad and depressed being alone here without my son, having a bad boyfriend, etc, etc, etc that the only comfort I found was with food.

On the first year I went from 120lbs to 150lbs...30 lbs in one year people!.

I still remember going back home and having arrived as a surprise, when my Mom opened the door the first words out of her mouth were: "Oh my God, what happened to you?! you are so fat"...well...hello there mother!, nice to see you again too. oldest (then about 7 yrs old) didn't recognized me. It hurt so bad. Every where I went, people commented on my weight.

I wanted to tell everyone that I was still the same lunatic, with the same erroneous moral compass but with a little extra handles. Of course things didn't get better after that since, again, I dated a bunch of loosers and just didn't care anymore. Junk food, Xena and Hercules where my only friends on those early years.

Fast forward to the happily married, slightly OCD me in the present.

I finally decided to do something after I've been having dizzy spells and pain on my knees. Of course, test are being done, but I need to do better for me and my family. Stinking Doctor really got me with this line: "You have to think what kind of example you are giving/going to give your kids". *sigh* I know she is right. Portion control can do it

Currently I am 180ish lbs fully clothed (shut it-you know that matters!) and I've been trying to do better. I have a BIG sweet tooth that comes from my family. And my dear hubs...he is sweet, but he caves in when ever I want sweets/cake/candy/soda. The hubs also has a medical condition and needs to do better himself but he has no will power right now and a crazy workday. To top it off, I'm the one who cooks here so I'm the one to blame for keeping traditions and making tacos, quesadillas, Arroz con pollo, etc. (nope-I'm not Mexican-hehehe) and because of it, it's up to me to make sure we do better.

The funny thing is it seems that after talking to my Doctor the other day, everything in reference to diets is crossing my path. I was watching the news on the net and came across a video of Kelly Osbourne as a guest on Dr. Phil talking about obesity. She said people gave her more of a hard time for being fat than for being a drug addict. That's just so sad.

Then my favorite makeup guru Marlena @ Makeupgeek had a video posted on youtube about how she lost 67lbs in 10 months...and counting. I like how she incorporate each change in two weeks increments...that's pretty much what I'm doing.

I been drinking water instead of soda -especially since my Dr. told me not to bother with the diet products since they are pretty much worst than the real deal. In her words: "you are replacing one bad with a worst one". Yeap- sorry gals: diet soda IS worst than regular soda. Same for the rest. Oooooh day I'll see you again!

All these, to me makes more sense since my grandparents lived to be almost 90 and ate EVERYTHING regular. Granted, they never tasted McD's or junk food for the most part.

With that said, I just wish people would be more compassionate of others. On my last trip back home (which was 2 months after having the little guy) an old friend came to visit me and it went something like this:

Friend: I'm going to start a savings account!
me: uhm...'kay...

friend: yeah, I'm gonna save for your Lipo 'cause who saw you then and sees you now...WOW Patricia!

me: ...silence...crickets...crickets...

UGH- I wanted to say, "Okay- me too! I'll save so you can get your hair relaxed and get a weave!". People can be so rude and mean.
Moving on...

Enough of negativity. Focus on the real important thing here: ME/ My goal (which has to be realistic because my daily life is insane) is to walk 3 times a week - but I'm hoping to run soon. And to make changes 2 weeks at a time. S.L.O.W.L.Y so they are consistent and to learn that they are here to stay.

So here is to me...only better!!! *WINK* now, where did I put that Crystal light...uhm?

Over & out


Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Girl I'm in the same boat needing to do a major overhaul - I told myself I would need to do little changes not a huge change (that never works).

I've heard so many mixed things about diet sodas vs. regular ones. I figure if I stick to water and use diet sodas as a "snack" or regular sodas as a snack I'll be ok. I used to only drink regular coke when eating out, now if I do get fast food I have to drink either diet soda, water or unsweetened tea. I don't drink soda that often - thankfully I broke that habit ages ago! ox GO GIRL YOU CAN DO IT! ox

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