Friday, April 16, 2010

Nasty...sing it Miss Jackson

C'mom sing it Janet! can you tell I have something loose in my head? .We are fortunate enough that nothing out of the ordinary happened to us this week. Certainly don't want to repeat November- yikes!

Unless you count our Little one doing single steps from the table to the couch, and me seeing him for the first time drag around his cars to be considered news…I wuw him.

Lately it seems like a lot of people are writing about mean, nasty emails/comments going on the net and blogland. I read NieNie… after I found out about her and her story I've read as far back to the beginning of her blog. I was so compelled by her family, her kids, the love she and her husband share. Then today she posted about “Letter to e-mail” about this "lady" that keeps sending her mean emails.


Is THIS what the world has become? We feel superior to judge other people’s actions? I cannot believe for the life of me that someone will have the “COJONES” (sorry, word to describe male genitalia that comes in a sack) to write her a mean email. To her? really? have you read her blog at all? Someone gets bugged by her going to the salon to do her hair or by the fact that she painted her toe nails? Seriously?

Uhm…I think she was too nice in her response. I would have told that person to get a life. She has every right to do as she wishes for pete's sake. And questioning her donations? what she wants to do with her donations is her and HER FAMILY business. UGH- people can be so spiteful.

I’ve seen my share of nastiness out there on the net. All you need to do is go to HGTV’s Rate my Space to see the comments there-Oy!...half the people out there aparetnly need to be medicated- OUCH! People are really miserable these days to take the time to be so mean to one another just because you are hiding behind a computer monitor.

Do I like every post-idea-room-decor-project I see out there? Nope. Do I laugh at some of them? Yeap! but that does not give me the right to put that person down. There are too many colors in the rainbow and diversity IS the spice of life.

And here I was saying to the oldest kid "be yourself no matter what, be true to yourself, because there is always going to be someone thats not going to like you because of your race/religion/if you are short/tall/skinny or fat, etc". Now I have to be concern about people being bullied for expresing themselves?

Even I, being mouthy and a little on the loopy side, think this is shameful. I am sarcastic and can say the darnest things (mostly of the inappropriate kind) but cannot come to terms of just being mean because I don’t like the way you live, or I don’t approve of your d├ęcor, or because you like to use silly words. This post from Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick had me rolling.

I wonder if this is just ignorance…

I guess I’m very lucky that I only have a few readers (Did you notice I got one more? woooo hooooo almost 10 baby- I can feel it!) and the fact that I would seriously put people in their place. Or maybe not…maybe I just let them be miserable human beings that thrive by making other people feel bad. Yeah, I can imagine how good YOUR life is if you have the time to be so petty.

I've determined long while ago to erase from my life negative people. I can certainly enjoy a healthy banter but when you are mean, spiteful, ungrateful, jealous and all over crazy (yeah-I’m looking at you-dead-ex-relative-that-should-remain-nameless) I can move on quite easily.

So there you go. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Now I'll go do my nails to get some lost soul pissed at me!

Over & out

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Little Ms Blogger said...

How funny you mention this subject. This past Wednesday, my sister, gf and I went to the Rachel Ray show and the staff took a picture of the audience and put it on her FB page. People put comments. Mean and rude ones. Rachel was not as perky off camera as she is on camera, but one woman wrote she was probably irritated because of her cellulite. What? Why would anyone say that?

Being mean only makes you look ugly.