Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The day I wanted to dig a hole and crawl in it... or Hard day

I hope for arguments sakes that some of you have seen the movie "Fun with Dick & Jane" because the image above would make sense. Being in that place of desperation, thinking what can you sell to make things better, wanting to dig a whole and get in it.

That was us last night...ok, we didn't dig a hole since we rent and I don't think it would be a good idea...but I thought about it.

One does not know how hard a day can be until you have someone knocking on your door to turn off your electricity.

Then you talk them to give you an hour to call some places and while you are at it you get a call that the car is going to get repossessed because they won't wait 'till Friday to get the payment.

Then receive a due notice from the rent for Thursday.

All this within a matter of an hour.

I don't know how I kept it together but I did. The night was hard since our stove is electric, so no cooked meal for us. You have no idea how hard it is to keep telling a 2yr old that the tv and light are not working, but he did ok afterwards.

We end up looking something like this+ teenage boy - dog + a cat.

We are two people who have 4 yrs degree each on us, you would never picture- scratch that- I would have never thought we would be here but here we are indeed.

This is not a post so you can pitty me, or like one person once, to sent me an email on all the things I'm doing wrong because is not. We are working super hard to move forward, looking for jobs, working overtime, clipping coupons, etc.

Both my Birthday and Anniversary came and went and we didn't do anything because we know now is not the time. And is ok 'cause that is not a priority to us right now, our family is.

I want you to read this and know how blessed you are, we all are.
When you wake up and don't want to go to work know how lucky you are to have one.
To have a vehicle to drive instead of taking the bus.
When you come home and are tired and don't want to cook, know how blessed you are to have a stove, to have food, to have the option of cooking or not.

Last night was HARD. I am not going to deny that, nor the panic attack I suffered this morning. But I kept praying and saying IT WILL BE OK. {how many times can one say hard in a post?}

I kept thinking of the little boy from Camden, NJ that I saw on a documentary and how he slept outside with his little brother and his Mom and how all he wanted was a place to sleep (and curtains).

I keep thinking of those kids victims of violence that have lost their parents and now are responsible for their siblings. I though of how much worst this could truly be. And this time when I prayed I was thankful for what I have, for my boys, for my Hubs, for my family and my bed.

For I am not religious at all but I have great faith that God knows that this challenge we can endure and that he will guide us all the way.

Prayers get answer and the power is back on right now. and I'm grateful and hopeful that tomorrow would be a much better day and that love can conquer all. (and no, someone didn't hand us money, actually none of our family or friends know that thesis happening to us)

I leave you with what I wish is a message of hope, that no matter how much you are hurting, suffering, feeling sad or alone, thinking this was a bad day, remember your day can always get worse but YOU have the power to look thru all the mess and see that IT WILL get better, that there is beauty out there, there is a bright future.

I'm sending a prayer for you out there. :) be happy!

Over & out
P.S from my last post: I was not going to get mad if you didn't guess correctly people! LOL
I'm Dominican!

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affectionforfitness said...

Hi Nina Patricia! I've had my electricity cut off and my home foreclosed. So those bad days pass. Keep your spirits up, okay?