Saturday, October 22, 2011

A wondering mind

*** Random post Alert***

Finally this horrible, stressed out, panic attack inducing week is over. we survived.
I was able to finally have a descent sleep night on Wednesday after watching "American Horror Story". Figures. And let me tell you, this afternoon I though the truck was stolen and was panicking again...until hubs who was taking a nap told me he parked around the building since there was no space available. Fun, right?

My mind wonders aimlessly until I am so fed up of trying to go to sleep, that I just get up...something like this:

Ugh, I need to pay the car, then the rent and the cable... how do people do it? Seriously is like we are always paying crap. I want to go shopping instead. Yeah...MAC shopping and maybe Lush...wait, don't I have a free sample from L'Occitane? yeah I think I do...

I 've got to remember to get rice tomorrow, and cat food...crap I'm gonna forget. Fantastic.
oh, I like that purse from would be good for Karina's Birthday. Crap even more money for Birthdays...
Birthday. Aiden's Birthday. I have to figure out how to do volcano cupcakes...or just top them with Dinosaurs, oh and I need stuff for the goody bags...ok is fine, is 6 months from now.
Better think of Christmas. Gift shopping. Crap. The Hubs needs a new coat, and boots... blah, blabidy blah...for like an hour.

Then I continue thinking of tv...

You know who I miss from tv? Barnabas Collins. Seriously "dark shadows" was awesome, and creepy...maybe because I was young.But I love it...and "Tales from the Crypt" why they don't so a Halloween special? ugh...maybe I can find it online...

oh and HEATHERS! I love Heathers...and Wynona Ryder...I do love her, hahaha, I'm dork. I miss seeing her on movies. Wasn't she the Mom of Spuck from that space movie thing hubs likes? yeaaaaaahhhh, I'm pretty sure she was....

I seriously have issues, and apparently a wondering mind that doesn't shut off.

Over & out

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