Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Staying home...decisions, decisions

It's Tuesday and I know is going to be a wonderful day. I have all this cleaning planned {you know I get the hots for Mr. Clean} and the big kiddo made me breakfast, not even cereal and milk but an omelet, toast, my coffee with Cinnabon creamer...yummo.

I skipped yesterday's FMM since they where posting healthy recipes. I do try to be good but let's face it, I'm the type who doesn't measure most of the time, I just go for it, wing it, then taste it. Plus my yummy enchiladas are not exactly healthy, no matter if I used fat free cream of chicken, healthier cheese, etc. *wink*

So due to our current situation the hubs and I've been talking about what is going to happen in the near future: are we moving? am I going back to work? the little guy going back to daycare?...all impending questions.

I fist became a SAHM mom because of being lay off, then of course good old former employer did not want to pay unemployment, which delay my payments, which put us behind in lots of bills. But ahhhhh, I worked for the VP of operations and knew that they always try to pull a fast one, so I've always kept copies of everything: Dr's notes, days off, performance reviews, so they had no option to pay up. Goes to show you that a job is just that, a job; no matter how much you like it, how good you are at it, how great the people are and how long have you been there...when they want to screw you, they will.

I'm not going to lie, the first couple of months where challenging, and there are some weeks that all I want is a day for me...and days when I want to give up and go back to work...but they trade off would not be fair, or good, or better.

I've never been a feminist, I've never wanted to be equal to a man.That was never my thing. I've always dreamed to being at home, taking care of the house and the kids, I just never thought it would happen since we are not financially stable.

But then, I read this post which I've mentioned before, from "Like Mother, Like Daughter" that spoke to me in so many ways. Maybe because I moved here and had to leave the big kiddo back home while I finish his papers, maybe because I missed so much of his growing up, I now cherish all these little moments with my family and kids.

I hear all the time 'friends" and even family, telling me how they would never be able to stay at home, how that would drive them crazy, how they need to feel productive. Because raising little individuals to be morally decent and honest, self reliant and independent individuals, with a good heart willing to help others is such a walk in the park.

Don't get me wrong, I know some women HAVE to work.
I was one of them. But it bothers me how some females in my life state things like "omg, not even with 2 MA's, a full time job I do as much" her tone is what bothered me, it was very condescending and why throw the MA's there? I went to college too! Or the comments "when you get back to work", "when you find a real paying job". SAY WHAT?!

I have a real paying job. They just don't pay me in cash. They pay me in "Mommy your back!", or "I love you", or "here, I made you an omelet".

A decision was made. Hubs is looking for another job. I will stay home.We will manage and figure things out as we go. And yes, we will be having more kids. This is the life we want for us and we will make it work. I know people will judge us, think we are nuts, think we shouldn't. We don't care.

This is the goal right now...it may change in the future but we hope it wont.
And those days when I need a break I will take them...like next Tuesday I have a schedule free facial.

So there's that. I hope you too go for your goals and dreams, whether is loosing weight, getting a new career, having kids...do what works for you.

I'm off to clean the bathroom while dancing listening to Selena, a great day indeed!

Over & out

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