Friday, October 7, 2011

Dreaming of toilets that splash water

What a day people! is only 10am and I already got stranded at the bank when my car wouldn't start- with no cell phone, got rescued by a bank teller, already had two loads of laundry washing/drying, and half of our paycheck is gone. Got to love days like this. But I am not frustrated, on the contrary, Being stuck for over half and hour waiting for the bank to open allowed me to really be grateful that at least it was something minor. That we are all well, that at least there was a paycheck received and that we had clean clothes...something that some people don't have.

And being the superficial person that I am, I started thinking -actually day dreaming- of what the future may hold. Being that we currently rent I can dream of the house we could/would have one day.

Like many other's I have pictures of the kitchen I would love to have ( European country with distress white cabinets), of the porch we will have, with rocking chairs in them, how I dream of the fire pit in the backyard and how we would have more kiddos playing in the yard by them.

But I have a little secret, there is also something else that I dream of having in our house, or in our bathroom rather.

A Bidet!

I know that in America 85% of people won't even know what I'm talking about. So here are some pictures to show you...although the one above is not quite the one I would love. The one we use to have splashed the water from the bottom, kind of like a fountain :)

See, I grew up in a country with a great European influence, so we actually had Bidets. I love them. Having a house with 5 girls, not counting my Mom-ster this was heaven sent.

Ok, not that gross but just warning you.

As a woman I find it absolutely refreshing when Aunt Flo comes every month to be able to freshen yourself without having to jump in the shower. The feeling of actually getting clean, not having that feeling that you are wearing a sweaty diaper, Kind of like wiping with those feminine wipes but 10,000 times better, I promise you.

Why we don't have this America is beyond me, I was shocked when I moved here and people didn't know what I was talking about.

Isn't that a beautiful thing?
So here I am today, dreaming of having a Bidet installed in our future house; and hopefully- by then-I will have a new battery. what do you dream of having in your house?

Over & out


Molly said...

Kinda hilarious but I totally get it! I'd be willing to give it a shot!

Melissa said...

I actually got into quite the discussion with my honey after reading your post. I love the idea of a bidet. Definately something to think about when we decide to buy our house too :D

Carbie Girl said...

God YES lol I would love a bidet when Aunt Flo comes to visit!!!