Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Candles

I'm skipping this Tuesday's lovely post from "My Chihuahua bites" since is about our favorite toys. I had many toys I liked, such as my bike, some dolls, etc. but growing up in a place where is summer year around I spent all the time possible going to pool, the beach, hanging out with friends out doors, climbing a tree in the neighbor school to get some "ciruelas", etc.

I'm overly tired from not sleeping AGAIN, I am going to have to implement some tricks I found in a magazine because this being tired all day is not working for me. I'm just easily distracted at night, and even more easily amused by silly things on tv: Giant Squid caught on Camera? hecks YEAH I'm watching...and I did. And therefore I am never ever ever going scuba diving. EVER!.

So today I'm keeping it short, I'm showing you the candles I recently got! Candles can totally change the mood in the house and when you are surrounded by boys and they even like it, you know you are in the right track. Plus they are cheaper then redecorating :)

I recently won a fabulous giveaway from Ashley @ "Domestic Fashionista" and seriously, this has got to be the most decadent candle ever...I'm afraid I would become addicted but thankfully she mentioned that she saw some @ TJ Maxx, which would be awesome since they are a little pricey.

The lovely candle is from Aquiesse, the scent is Shoreline, and I may have already told my boys I will burn it when I'm all alone because I am not sharing it (and yes, I'm referring to not sharing the scent).

And these two to the left I got from Ikea for $1 each, they smell clean, nothing fancy, and I don't know the scents because all they have is a picture of rocks and soap so who knows what they are.

The two to the right where a impulse by passing in front of Bath & Body...I have seen a vlog recommending these scents so since they had them in the front I went in...and off they came home with me: Fireside (as close to camping as one can get, I LUV!) and Smore's...do I need to say anything about that one? Nope. Is just heavenly. Those where two for $10 and I may save another $10 just to get two more.

Or maybe I'll just skip it and keep saving for my belated gift (riding boots) thankfully I found a great replacement for the almost $300 Frye boots I wanted, and these are gonna cost less than half, which means I may have it before the fall ends! hahaha, a woman and her budget people!

Ok, I'm done here. Time to play cars with the little one.

Over & out.


affectionforfitness said...

Hi! We go through the candle department of the mall's department store and smell almost every kind. Love those orange, brown, and red ones--yucky to blue ones.

:-) Marion

Anonymous said...

AQUIESSE candles small amazing right? Congrats on winning! :)