Monday, March 22, 2010

Here comes the rain again

Ahhh, what a beautiful Monday it is. You must think I lost my marbles (impossible since I never actually had them) but I can't help it. I get giddy when I wake up and I hear the rain on my window.

There is something so beautiful about a gray day, the cleaning effect of the water, the smell of the earth when it rains. I love driving in the rain, I love the cool breeze with the light spray of water. I love jumping in the puddles, yes...even in my work attire.

I had the most awesome weekend just spending time with the family, going to IKEA and having my little one try their furniture and giggle. We got a couple of stuff for his first many ideas. I love it when we can be a family and just be with each other. Last night the little one didn't want to go to sleep so I started telling him of the first day we met and how he was all yucky and gooey and everything that happen, my search for a sandwich, etc...and he started giggling like he knew what I was saying..uhm... maybe he does :)

And today I woke up to find my dear friend the rain...ahhh...pure bliss. Even if while at work I found out there was a screw on my tire and had to change it to the spare, not even that can change my mood.

I am so happy.

You know, this weekend I was browsing the TV and saw this reality show (don't judge- I had enough of Diego) called Giuliana & Bill. The woman is a TV presenter- maybe you know her. Well, here they are: a beautiful couple, 2 homes, both with wonderful careers and what I imagine a nice paycheck. But guess what? They are going thru so much to have a baby. So I though: huh-look at that. They have all that but little old me was blessed with something that a lot of people can't have.
So today I feel blessed (poor, but blessed) and so incredibly happy. Who would have tough.

Over & out

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