Monday, March 15, 2010

What's your damage Heather?

My damage is that I'm freaking sick AGAIN for the 11,000,000 million time.

Oh, but not only am I sick, hubs has been sick all weekend which means is his turn to get in to drama queen mode. What is it with men and getting sick? Seriously, is like having another infant.

Now, I know he is truly sick and hugging the toilet bowl like it's his brother from another mother, but all the drama + daylight savings+ cranky still sick baby= a very b!tchy me. Forget the fact that I'm coughing like an old time smoker or that I'm seriously contemplating hiding under my desk. Noooooo, lets forget all that and just focus on the fact that is Monday, that I have to get payroll rolling, that people seem to think that annoying me is fun, oh...and did I mention that I'm planning a birthday party? (which by the way is going to be pure awesomeness)

So here is to a happy sunny and bright day...or to crawling under the covers and ordering in.


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