Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pretty Girl

Yesterday's was Princess Mia's Second Birthday. After spending time with her and going home I was kind of sad. It just dawn on me she is no longer a little baby. I remember holding her for the first time in the hospital and she was this tiny thing a little over 6lbs. She was like an angel, so blond and pinkish. Now she is this little miss independent that tells her parents "Go to the movies" so she can hang out with me. She says things like "Where did Vinny go?" referring to the hubs. She tells Aiden: "I don't like it" if he pulls her hair. She is so smart and bright.

I got her a toy but I also got her these yellow rain boots that I would love for myself -remember I'm still pining for my HUNTERS boots- and it was so funny 'cause she squeal in delight and said "SHOES!" and put them on right away and would not take them off. Score. I knew she would love them. I guess I should be so happy that now I get to see another facet of her growing up. She will make those girly things so worth it (especially since we are not having any girls...hehehe...kidding...maybe...)

After all, I'm NINA because of you baby girl. So here is to you my precious little girl. Remember: I will always have gum for you.