Monday, March 29, 2010

I’m menacing…grrrrrrr….I’m gonna get you…grrr…PANIC DAMM IT!

I had a really nice weekend. We got to go out to a German Restaurant on Saturday night (but the food was just ok...yo won't be hearing me saying:I'm dying for German food any time soon) and yesterday we hang out with the hubs cousin and girlfriend and watch our little one eat Macaroni & cheese like is nobody's i gave him chocolate ice cream...which may explain why he was up pass 10pm...uhm...anyways...

I also think the good mood had something to do with me having some good ol' time by making fun of people this weekend.

Exhibit A:

A guy at work calls me and says: I’m trying to email you, did you get it?
Me: no, I didn’t get anything.
GAW: Really?
Me: really. wanna come check…
GAW: your email is
Me: nope, marry name now. Is
GAW: ok…really?
Me: yeah. Tell you what. I’m going to email you and you just reply to it, ok?

sent email
a minute passes

I got an email reply from the guy.
GAW reply email: I got it. Did you get this one or not?

I wait a minute. Think about it. nah, this is too easy. could it be?

Me emailing him back: No, I didn’t get it. (Bwahahahahaha, evil laugh while typing)
GAW replies again: really? (He sounds concern) I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, must be the system…

Me (trying to contain laughter while replying again): yeah, must be that…try it again.

and he does…again...and again I reply to his email saying I didnt get it. He finally calls me and I can no longer hold it . I burst out laughing…Duffus: I was replying to the email so obviously I got it!

I know, 3rd ring of hell party of one, your table is now available.

Then I call my friend Tori…
Ring, ring, ring.

Tori: Helluuuuu
Me: wanna come with me to buy designer glasses?
Tori: Yeah, cool. Where?
Me: this Asian* dude apparently sells them from his basement. He has all sorts of stuff there.
Tori: really? uhm…how did you hear about it?
Me: a friend of my sister’s saw the add on Craiglist…so wanna come?
(warning bells ringing)
Tori: are you sure...
Me: yeah, of course,don’t be silly…
Tori: ok, call me when you are ready to go. (she sounds chipper)

So I did, and we are heading towards my car to drive to the "supposed guy" home. Now, she isn't stopping me in ANY WAY or telling me we shouldn't’t go. She is willing to go to this stranger's house and voluntarily get in his basement...I should mention she is only 24 and very gullible...

Finally I cracked laughing and told her I was kidding and that she was crazy for agreeing to go to a potential dangerous situation...she called me mean and crazy...I think she loves me.

Over & out

*(no offense to that ethnicity, it was just what crossed my mind)

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